| October 9, 2020

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I am a very nice and chill 55 year old single male and I just purchased a 5 acre parcel in the Missouri Ozarks area and I would like to have company around to help with everything that is required to live the off grid life. age is not as important as your experience in these areas =gardening is #1, carpentry skills, artistic skills and the genuine desire to be successful in living in an environment that is very open as far as being who you are and without noise pollution, dogs barking, crowds or drama and no neighbors right next door. I have 5 acres with power directly on my property that I plan on using in the future. “WE” are going to build our own cabin and we are going to grow our own vegetables and fruits, and live in peace. I plan on going to my property in the next couple months and that just depends on if I can get a couple of females that are ready to go and get this new life started. why females only? because I am an alfa male and I prefer to live with females, Period! so if you want to come to Missouri and make your own life the way you want then you should contact me anytime and we will discuss plans to make it happen, sooner rather than later is my desire. send me a picture of you and a brief bio and what skills you have if any, it is not a requirement just a huge benefit if you have carpentry or construction experience, gardening is #1 and I hope someone will get on board with me to teach me how to grow. lastly I don’t expect sex or anything like that so don’t worry about me being a pig or ass like that. just trying to make a private community to live in peace with nature.my email address is williambrink65@gmail.com and my number is 2098185736 call or text me anytime billy

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