| March 11, 2022

Cost 300

Shamanic facilitator / woodcrafter and freind seek little piece of land to rent for off-grid caravan living , pref with room to grow food and medicine plants, we are clean tidy respectful people who need to escape the stress of expensive house letting and rat race and breathe, we are open to helping coppice or work with animals etc, we have interest in spirituality and old ways crafts and off-grid living, we have many skills and energy to share. My freind is currently a support worker/ health carer with driving licence/car love of animals and farming , cooking with background in pet sitting etc , I make spiritual tools/ ornamental woodcrafts , grow medicines,  medicine forager, and hold drum circles and shamanic workshops and offer spiritual guidance and healing. We love the earth and nature and being outdoors. Currently in Norfolk . 

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