| May 19, 2018

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Cost $185.00

Five Star Acres is dedicated to bringing affordable land to our customers. By offering owner financing with no down payment and no credit checks the possibility for owning land is a reality for anyone! We primarily have land located in South Central Kentucky but are looking to expand quickly this year to other areas. Check out our website at www.FiveStarAcres.com to see all the tracts we have available for purchase. We also offer 10% discounts for cash purchases and a 10% veterans discount that can be used together for 20% off total purchase price. For any questions contact 1-833-372-5263 or email info@fivestaracres.com!

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4 Responses to “Five Star Acres, Owner Financed land, No Credit Check, No Down Payment”

  1. jesse blosser

    My apologies the monthly payments are 185, Im not sure why it has total value of 185, i will edit to clarify.

  2. James S.

    What is this that I would get for $185?