| December 8, 2016

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Our off grid systems start at $1,500.00 and go up to $5,500.00 in cost. This includes everything you will need in your off grid system: solar panels, inverters and LED lighting. The big plus is that your off grid system will be installed with no up-charge to you; that’s right. The cost includes everything including the installation. Our Techs are some of the best in the world with over twenty years of experience and up to date training on renewable energy off grid systems.

Our systems offer 1500 watts to 5000 watts of usable energy with 400 amp hr to 800 amp hr battery banks. We also offer WIFI boosting systems and custom designed off grid systems based on our clients’ energy needs.

We are an off the grid business 100% mobile and can install your off grid system at any location.

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