| June 1, 2020

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We have a couple openings for either singles, couples, small families or friends 

We have 25 beautiful acres in the southeast Missouri Ozark’s with a small pond being stocked daily.

we are a commune of 8 people, we work and live like a family farming, homesteading sharing, caring  and building .:.
we are small and want to stay small 

we are currently raising bottle calf’s and bigger dairy cow, bottle and bigger dairy goat. Chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese and turkens and meat plus show rabbits.

We have a few off grid, and maybe close to main house on grid spots available.  

If your serious and wanting to get away from the city crazy dangerous life, we have it here !

way out in the country, closest town is 12 miles away and no Walmart or fast food… 

we range in age of 23 to 53 

we accept and respect all religious, sexual lifestyles, and backgrounds (considering)

we all make decisions as a family !

so if your looking to get away long term we are it ! 

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5 Responses to “Come join us”

  1. mike

    hi-is your commune on the ic.org?? If you’re in the directory online then thats alot more info for people reading this to read…mike

  2. Jeff McAbee

    I have huge interest in your listing. I’m 44 single male with huge desire to live off the grid

  3. Jerry Eugene Eriksen

    Exactly what kind of person are you looking for? What kind of experience in a person are you looking for?

  4. Aradia

    Just doing research. Looking for a welcoming community for just me myself and i

  5. Alicia

    Hi, I would love to speak with you about this opportunity! Please contact me so we can chat!!
    Thank you