| November 30, 2019

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Adventure of the heart with God.
So after years of worrying about when and how the world is going to come to the hardest points in time I have gone to the great leap to buy a remote property where I will build from the ground up with the natural resources that God granted us.
I see a log cabin built then sealed on the outside 2 feet of space then a rock wall all around the log cabin. Fill the space with earth an it will be warm. A large open room with a fireplace in the Center and backing the fireplace a wood cook stove. A counter with shelves off the side of the kitchen there is a door that leads down some steps to the cool storage room that is big with lots of food in it.  To the other side of the kitchen there is a long dinning table for eating and then in front of the fireplace the living room open with lots of sitting room and a large bookshelf full of books on how to do anything.  This room is a room of love and worship, planing and prayer, tears and happiness. 
Leading out from this room is a south words facing door that opens into a large entrance and into a greenhouse that is sunk into the ground and to the right you find the door to the outside. 
 I see many small houses half berried making a circular around the main house.
This is my vision for a place of peace hope and survival. I want to shear this with the right people. So message for more information. God bless one and all

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