| February 17, 2019

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I currently live in Ontario, iam looking to travel and live off grid along the way if possible. I have a huge amount of skills to offer including plumbing , electrical,building,interior drywall. I hunt and fish often and camping is in my blood ( real camping) not out back of a motel lol .

Coming from a farming community I have extensive knowledge in this as well. Iam a registered personal support worker aka nurses aid and have a straight out passion for life . My personality is goofy and outspoken I have a true heart of gold however stubborn as a mule. Iam seeking a travel partner who is much like myself likes to laugh and be happy but can have a listening ear and wear there heart on there sleeve if need be . A real problem solver much like myself would be great ! 

I love history , music, trucks ,cars , nature , engines, hunting , fishing ,farming , frugal living ,friends. 

Please contact me if this is of any interest to you I look forward to finding an awesome travel mate and friend !! 

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