| May 1, 2020

Business Partner for an Alaskan Bush Living Immersion Program

Feral Forest Alaska is a MINDSET!

With 94 acres of property in the middle of hundreds of thousands of acres of the Alaskan Bush. Life in the Bush is not easy, although it is extremely rewarding. Travel to the property from McGrath is by snow machine in the winter and river boat in the summer. Both properties are close enough to walk between. One of the properties has a huge blueberry field around it, one is within the sub-arctic boreal forests of birch, spruce, and other trees. Beautiful views, a large sauna, cabins and room to build. A business partner must have the ability to adapt to any situation without outside assistance. Be able to survive some of the harshest environments in the world, -60 winters, 90 summers, mosquitoes, bears, wolves, and some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. The hardest part for most is the isolation, communication, and hard work.

A partner in this project must understand it is a full time life, there are times to get away, but this means this person MUST BE WANTING the Alaskan Bush Life.

The Plan: To create an environment for training others to live a life most could never do. We will be bringing students onto the properties and guiding them to see what it is like and what it takes to see if they can live in the Alaskan Bush.

Once the property is ready for students we will offer intern positions for others to come out and be part of the project in a more long term way. Then open it up for students from around the world.

There are no judgments, anyone can apply that can meet the adventure.

Skills needed (not all inclusive)

Basic survival skills, fire starting in all conditions, safe firearms use, river boat use, snow machine use, shelter building, construction, trapping, hunting, fishing, wild food harvesting, butchering, skins processing, chain saw use, maintenance, first aid, open fire cooking, preserving food, communications with other humans.

The candidate must be able to sustain 4 seasons. Be able to be a team member to survive, enjoy their alone time and not need to constantly verbalize. Prefer non-smoking and no drug use.

After a break-in time period for both of us, a lease will be given to the candidate in which some requirements must be met, then the lease will be mostly unconditional. Although if you burn my cabin down you will be asked to leave……..

A location for a cabin will be made and assistance in building, I will not build your cabin for you, I will assist when time allows. This means you must come with tools and skills or be willing to learn on the fly. Some skills I am willing to teach because they are not learnable outside of living it. I am open to talking about exchange of skills.

I am serious about Safety, Survivability, and what it takes to live in the bush. I know it won’t be for everyone, I would like to find the right person(s) that can become a synergistic part of the the Feral Forest Alaskan Bush Life. The world is ever changing and doesn’t seem to be getting better why not secure a life that is free of most of societies issues. I am happy alone although I enjoy the company of the right people.

We will fish in the summer/fall, hunt moose, bear, and caribou. Preserve the winter food supplies, make firewood, collect water, enjoy a sauna. Share cooking, and company. sit out with a fire and watch the Northern Lights.

A short snow machine trip or riverboat trip gets us into the village for services and supplies. McGrath is a transport hub and has so many kind people.

At the moment I am in Ketchikan Alaska and will be heading up in the early summer for some prep time then in early fall to remain there through the winter. If you’ve ever wanted to live in the bush of Alaska this is an opportunity.

May the Northern Lights shine on you,


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