| July 25, 2018

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Cost $120,000.00

Photos can be found at https://photos.app.goo.gl/8rxbALsVZUDRhWE4A


These pics and video were in the spring so it is more overgrown now as we haven’t been home in 8 weeks.

Looking for someone who will cherish nearly 11 wooded acres, cave and complete off-grid homestead as my family and I have.

Property is located in Hedgesville, WV and is in a quiet rural area. Although rural it is easily accessible being only 6 miles from the highway on the other side of the mountain.  

Several buildings are located on the property including 3 yurts, an out building, an outdoor shower, a garage, and a  storage container. Each building is fully furnished (unless you don’t want the furnishings) and contains everything needed to start your off-grid experience. Each of the yurts is 5 years old with a deck in the front only and has a layer of reflective bubble wrap insulation and a layer of foam insulation.


The first yurt is 15 feet and is set up as a bedroom. Contains a closet (I haven’t made the door yet), queen size bed with under bed dressers, composting bucket toilet with urine diverter, shower area, antique wash stand and wood stove. Water hookups are present for both hot and cold water but not hooked up. The room has beautiful natural cork flooring that has swelled near the door from water damage. (There is spare flooring in the garage) There is a small leak in the roof on this building when there is prolonged or sustained rains. I believe it can be fixed with seam sealer.

Office/Living Room

The second yurt is 15 feet and is set up as an office. This yurt also contains the natural cork flooring and a wood stove. There are 2 handmade cabinets with custom punched tin designs housing a small library about off grid-living, herbal medicine and permaculture design. Also included is an early 1900’s singer sewing machine, leather couch, recliner and large storage ottoman.


The last yurt is 20 feet and houses a kitchen which includes a late 1800’s ice box, early 1900’s pinnacle wood cook stove, custom wood counters seasoned with walnut oil and tons of cabinet space holding lots of canning and wine making supplies as well as a grain mill and manual blender. Sitting on a small table is a 10 stage water filter with replacement filters. The wood stove is housed in a tile cubbie and is piped out of the yurt roof. It is capable of heating the whole kitchen although in the past we also used supplemental propane heat. The wood stove was converted at some point to allow cooking with propane or wood. There is a bathroom with a beautiful homemade barn door where there is a bucket style composting toilet with a urine diverter and counter with a water reservoir and bowl for hand washing. This building also has a basement made of cord wood  unfortunately we never sealed the cord wood and there is mold growing on some of the wood. The basement was added after the fact so it is not structural and could be taken down. The basement is where all of the water comes in from the gravity fed storage system that holds 1800 gallons. There are pipes for hot and cold water although only cold is in use as well as drains in the floor for the washing machine and shower area. Also in the basement is a 1922 Maytag washing machine with a new engine, solar chest freezer, wood stove and 2 makeshift rooms. We use the freezer to freeze water jugs to keep the ice box upstairs cold.

Out Building

The last living space building is 10 x 14. Is has a 4 x 10 porch on the front and all of the screen to complete it. The building itself has R30 insulation and house wrap. We were going to cover the outside with canvas but never got around to it. The roof is corrugated plastic. The portion offer the porch is clear to allow more light. There is natural hardwood oak flooring, a desk and a dresser in this building. No heat or AC at this time.

Outdoor Shower

The outdoor shower connects directly to the 1800 gallon storage tank, to an attempt at a solar hot water tank or to a 5 gallon bucket and is run by a foot pump that needs replaced.


The garage is lined with storage cabinets on the one side that holds a large selection of tools, garden equipment and tree climbing gear. There is also a ton of spare wood, insulation and stove parts stored In the attic.

Storage container

The storage container is packed with useful homestead items including a generator, water pump, trash pump with 100 ft of hose, 2 manual hydraulic wood splitters, a toro dingo mini skid steer with several attachments and more garden tools. There is also an electric poultry net with charge controller and energizer to go with the portable chicken coop and automatic chicken door.

Solar System

4 – 250 watt panels. 2 service the main house and 2 service the freezer.

2 – Tristar MPPT charge controllers

1 – Go Power 1200 watt inverter

4 – Interstate deep cycle marine batteries (these work for now but do need to be replaced)


The property is largely wooded with a variety of trees. There are quite a few of dead standing ash trees that we have been splitting for wood for years now. There is a small pond that is always full. We have used it for swimming, attempts at growing rice and to fill our water tank. There is a great selection of wild edibles including strawberries, black raspberries, blackberries, and pawpaws. There is also a great variety of healing herbs on the property. The second longest cave in the area is located on the property. It is close to 1.5 miles in length and is great fun to explore. Currently it is closed due to vandals when we first moved there but it can be open with minimal effort. There is plenty of wildlife if you are in to hunting.

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