| May 31, 2017

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Cost $28,000 USD

Visit: offgridforsale.weebly.com

For sale by owner: Lot 1.24 acres  on Koro Island, Fiji

Lot and Community Koro Island was featured on HGTV’s House Hunters International in 2009.

Lot K341 is located on top of the ridge, with ocean views, gentle sloping and flat areas for building. The area is run by Taveuni Development and they are extremely helpful with building your home. Koro Seaview Estates features about 60 homes in the area. There is a small resort—Dere Bay and jetty. Lot owners can enjoy the resort and Koro Beach with water sports, dining, fishing, and cultural activities. Sailboats moor in the bay regularly. Island population is 4,500. Nacamaki village on the northern side of the island does a traditional turtle calling ceremony where villagers chant songs and turtles rise to the surface.

 Building: Tavenuni Development can assist with contacts for builders, permits and more.

About Koro Island: Koro lifestyle is non-commercial. Off-grid, freehold land (no property tax). There are 12 Fijian villages on the island, which stretches about 6 miles long. The nearest village is a ½ hour walk. Small stores sell mainly Fijian products. The nearest city is Suva which is 8 hours away by ferry, or 45 minutes by weekly plane, or 3-4+ hours by boat. Koro is 42.1 square miles and the 7th largest island in Fiji.

Convenience: Internet and mobile phone service is good in the area. The lot has an all-weather access road and is a short stroll from a natural spring. A roll-on, roll-off ferry services Koro 2x a week.

Community: Direct flights are available from and to Japan, US, Hawaii, Australia, NZ, New Calendonia, Vanuatu, and other South Pacific island. Koro Island Airport is only 30 minutes by air from the Fiji Nadi International Jet Terminal. Fiji is a member of the British Commonwealth. Islanders are English speaking.


Contact: brookefiji@gmail.com

 Land Act Stipulation: Non-residents are required to build a dwelling within 2 years at a minimum cost of $250,000 Fijian dollars, which is around $118,000 US Dollars, or your own currency equivalent.

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