We are a Christian couple with children seeking to build a like-minded community.  We currently live completely off-grid on 35 acres about 50 miles east of Colorado Springs.  We love Jesus, are hard workers and enjoy the freedom of off-grid living.  We would enjoy like-minded people with kids to share friendship and chores with.  Feel free to email me if you would like to chat:  top.notch.2070@gmail.com

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6 Responses to “Christian Off-grid Community”

  1. Tammy McCurdy

    My name is Tammy and my husband and I are looking for an off grid Christian community to join. We believe jesus is our lord and saviour and do not believe in the vaccine or the chip. We are both healthy and hard workers. Who wouldn’t love some hard work to be blessed to living completely self sustaining and off grid. What an amazing lifestyle. I have a small amount of money we can also invest in the community where we live. Haven’t had much luck in getting any of these off grid community’s to respond so I am hoping with prayer that the lord will send upon us the right one. Thank you for your time and we hope to hear from you very soom

  2. Kreshnik zeka

    Hi. I’m from sweden alone and got some building skills and would like to join you. Please write me back. Bless

    • Kreshnik zeka

      I want to leave the city and live in nature, I know a lot about the body and health. The city life is dragging me down and I would like to pa a part of some creation off grid, I know a lot about building and stuff. Bless

  3. Kelly Vanwinkle

    I’m buying property and could use some help setting up a homestead. Or even a idea on a Community before I do purchase property. It’s just me and my dogs.

  4. Cami Mason

    Hello, my fiance and I have been seeking a like-minded off grid community very soon. If you could provide details of your community, I would greatly appreciate it. My fiance is an evangelist and the Lord has told both of us it is time to move to a somewhat safer area and we would like to do this with fellow Christians to be able to assist each other in these upcoming times. I do believe they will have a vaccine that may contain the chip by November, and the way it sounds through Donald Trump is that the military will be engaged and that they will be able to implement this vaccine quickly to the people. We are told to use wisdom in these times with our faith and trust. So I do not want to stay in my townhome and be a guinea pig to these evil people and their agendas to take us all out. Please reach back out to me with your thoughts and God Bless you and keep you!

  5. Lauren Rose

    Hello! I wanted to reply to your post about off grid living. My significant other and I have very similar views to your own. We have two children and are currently seeking a way to live a homestead life style. We do not want to stay and live on grid. I hope this is enough for you to get in touch with me. Your way of living sounds amazing and we truly believe that is how Jesus wants people to live. Humans are not meant for the hustle of society today. It keeps us away from Gods grace. Hope to hear from you. Thank you and God bless!