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Eureka, CA is the cheapest town on the Happy list – the list of the top ten places to be happy, as reported in

The average price of a home in Eureka is $207,000,compared to $569,000 in the town which takes the No 1 spot on the happy list, Salt Spring BC/ Eureka is still considerably cheaper than Creston, CO, number ten on the Happy list and one of the main off-grid centres in the USA. In Creston the average home is $250,000.

Eureka, on the Redwood Highway in Humboldt County, has a population of about 36,000, except during cannabis harvesting when it grows to about 70,000.

Here’s the full list of the happiest places to go off-grid:

Salt Spring Island, B.C. (population 10,000; median house price: $569,300) for wannabe farmers/gardeners. The 74-square-mile island’s temperate climate makes year-round gardening possible.
Salt Lake City (population: 182,000; median house price $213,000) for aspiring entrepreneurs. Low corporate tax rates and an educated workforce, among other factors, make this an attractive spot to start a business. But don’t try to sleep in your car.
Taos, N.M. (population 5,500; median house price $268,250) for those seeking a vacation home. Year-round recreation and limited housing makes this a good bet for buying a shanty on the Mesa.
Portland, Ore. (population 582,000; median house price $233,500) for people who prefer to go car-less. The city has a vibrant cycling culture with 300 miles of dedicated bike paths and lanes. There are a number of hidden off-grid enclaves.
Bellingham, Wash. (population 77,500; median house price $305,000) for outdoor recreationists. With 143 miles of Puget Sound shoreline in one direction and the Cascade Mountains in the other, there’s a beautiful view outside every cabin.
Eureka, Calif. (population 25,000; median house price $207,000) for aspiring artists. Art is taken seriously in a town that’s home to more than 1,000 artists. Home is where the Art is.
San Diego (population 1.37 million; median house price $330,000) for innovators. From pioneering computer technology to decoding the human genome, all kinds of cutting-edge endeavors are happening here. How it made this list is beyond us.
Sonoma County, Calif. (population 472,000; median house price $484,000) for gourmands. With more than 300 wineries and a plethora of great restaurants, the area is millionaire’s paradise.
Scottsdale, Ariz. (population 235,000; median house price $270,000) for parents of young kids. Low crime, good schools and lots of park land make it a good choice for raising a solar-powered family.
Crestone, Colo. (population 146 (real population 2000); median house price $250,000) especially designed for people who want to live off the grid. With 330 sunny days a year, this former mining town is a hotbed of solar power.

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