Today, actually it was yesterday as this is being typed after midnight (grin), yes I do tend to be a night owl at times, anyhoo, it was a good day, we had planned on going into Alpine, it’s a bit of a drive, but that is where the closest dentist is located. Bob had a dental appointment, on the way out of the neighborhood, we stopped at the country store and talked to a few people, the store owner found out we were going into town and offered to let us use her minivan, we greatfully accepted, our bug is running a bit rough, it needs some work, it’s fine for running around the neighborhood, at worst, if we break down, there will be someone along in pretty short order to give us a ride home :) We took the van and started out, I forgot to grab my keys so we didn’t have the mailbox key, bummer, oh well, it will just have to wait… We drove to Alpine, got to the dentist, Bob talked to him a bit, we are trading some artwork for payment, it’s a bronze sculpture that Bob’s mom made, it is very nice! It seems he liked it, he did say he usually collects paintings and drawings, not so much in sculpture, but he seemed to accept the deal, we made another appointment and left.

We took advantage of being in a town with actual stores (!) to make some purchases, we went to a Family Dollar store and stocked up on items we can’t get where we live, ok I exaggerate, we could get some of these items in our local grocery store, but it would cost quite a lot more and we wouldn’t have had the same selection. We spent over $100 there, but we came out with bags and bags of food, next we went to the lumber yard and got some building material. After that, we stopped at McDonald’s, yes, I know it’s really bad for you to eat, but I haven’t had any kind of “fast food” since before we moved out here in December, and I was soooooo ready to eat a greasy burger and fries! I did get a side salad to go with my artery clogging cheeseburgers and small fries, I drank water too, no soft drinks for me, I gave them up years ago, if I drink on now, it’s just too much, too many bubbles, to strong a flavor, it assaults my mouth, so I don’t miss that at all, I don’t know how I drank them before, yuck!

After that we drove home, went by our place to drop off the booty, and took the van back, I am so thankful to have had the use of that van, our bug probably would have made it just fine, but it was still nice to drive in a more modern, luxurious vehicle. I’d better not rag too much on the bug, Bob might read this, and he is really attached to the bug, I’m not complaining about it at all, I wouldn’t have anything else out here, but we would not have been able to get the building materials in the bug, so that made it worth it right there.


I took some more pix around the cabin, the first set are chandeliers that are hanging around in the trees outside the cabin, it would just be silly to have chandeliers hanging inside the cabin. ;)

The next ones are of Bob building the addition to the cabin. This space will be our bedroom, this will nearly double the size of the cabin. We will be able to entertain guests too, the space where our bed is now will be cleared to be used as a living/dining room.

Now it’s time to stop typing, I am having to fight the moths over the computer, since it’s the brightest thing in here right now, they are fluttering around the screen and landing on the keyboard, I have to push them out of the way, and one just went up my sleeve, ok that is enough, time to turn this off and go to bed. Gotta go tomorrow in the country store, did I mention that I love it there?!


Blogger lindy said…

Hey Wretha! It is great to see how things are coming along at your place! How fantastic to get an addition to your cabin so soon!

love and hugs

April 6, 2008 10:59 AM


Blogger Wretha said…

Thanks Lindy! I am sooo looking forward to having more space, I was used to living tight before, we had an ancient single wide mobile home, 14×70, we joked about living inside a submarine, that would seem roomy to us now! :) Fortunately we get along very well, even in the tight space.


April 6, 2008 7:41 PM


Blogger Anna said…

Great pictures! You are really making yourself a home there. I like the chandelers out on the trees too. I’m catching up on your blog this morning. Anna

April 16, 2008 9:19 AM


Blogger Wretha said…

Thanks Anna, I don’t know how much is making my self at home, and how much is just trying to find places for all of my stuff ;) Going from a 3 bedroom home to a 16×16 one room cabin, you have few choices, sell it, give it away, throw it away, or try to protect it while storing it outside until we build a big enough place to keep it. There is another option, paid storage units, but that isn’t an option for us, don’t need another bill… so the results are chandeliers in the trees.

Honestly I have made myself at home here, I pinch myself everyday to see if I’m really here and doing this! I love doing this! :)


April 16, 2008 11:30 AM

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