I was working on my tanks for the hatchery, raising wild caught  Tilapia, here in East central Florida. The weather sunny, blue sky’s, and warm in the high 70’s…. wanted to share  this with others that want to escape the city, to a more natural, less stressful life. Hopefully you have researched this move as to , land location , what shelter is best for your budget, source of water and food, do you have the survival skills, how much money will it cost you to move off the grid …. etc. Here is an  opportunity to succeed or fail and no expense to you.

Suggested items you might consider for your one week exercise
1….. a tent …what you will be living in  when you move off grid

2….. food for one week  …any garden crop 40 to 60 days
3….. a compost toilet  … build you own now and d-bug it
4….. water
5 …. just google camping for one weed

Now if you are local  and just want to work on, wind systems, photoelectric power, solar water heater, solar oven, wood gas generators, aquaponics, raising fish, container gardens, solar stills, pallet shelters, tee-pees, yurts, rainwater recovery……. contact  Bob … email …..    bob32175@aol.com   …… build and test your project then take it home or to your off grid location …… most maternal available and for a small donation might be able to construct your tiny house in sections and move to your location ………good luck and happy off girdding ……..off grid natural wild fish farmer 6 years

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One Response to “Your chance to experience living off grid for one week in sunny Florida with zero commitment, nothing but you and nature on raw land. or help building your tiny house”

  1. BobbyKorona

    May 1, 2020 UPDATE … Hello to all …… if you are LBGT friendly and have a dream about off grid living …. contact me 32175w@gmail.com today …. take care .. Bob