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Yukon cave residence
Bill’s cave

In an ongoing collaboration with Yukon resident Caveman Bill, British artist Tom Wolseley has produced a remarkable work, from which this photo was taken. It goes on show tonight for the first time at the Climate of Change exhibition, in London.

Wolseley took a slow 360

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One Response to “Caveman Bill at Climate of Change”

  1. Tom Raymond


    The world needs more Cavemen! Yet, the world doesn’t need a lot more…..Trappist monks, hermits, and amiable loners add spice to life–and civilization. But civilization is built upon interaction. And if we were all choose to be Cavemen, we would not have the civilization to fall back on. And we really would be cavemen! And we’d be on ‘The Road.’

    More power to Bill. He’s lucky to have a choice, and to have made it. But all his stuff–from the simple hand tools to the 5hp motor on his factory-made boat–are products of a few thousand years of slow moving but always advancing civilization.

    Bill can hang out in his cave; in order for him to do that, a lot of other people have to go to work.

    best, TR

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