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Did you ever wish that you could catch the wind, not near the ground but the almost constant wind 600 ft above the ground. That is what MARS or Magenn Air Rotor System is designed to go. It is an innovative system to harness the power of the wind that is scheduled to begin production in 2008.

The inflatable structure is enclosed with natural stability and integrity that will rotate on it’s horizontal axis. This buoyant system, using the inert gas helium, will only require a tension cable to secure it and at the same time transfer the energy to the ground. Where a transformer can either transfer the electrical energy to the grid or your home. MARS is projected to be more cost efficient then other wind energy systems, with a $3 to $5 per watt range. With a 40% to 50% efficiency rate, almost doubling the conventional wind designs.

Since the system is on a tether and aloft it can easily be moved to catch the best winds and/or placed near more populated areas. This ability to be moved at will can also be important for when extreme weather or disasters strike. Either to be moved to help or out of the way of danger.

Though the system has been slower to come to market then originally planned, we think it may be worth they wait. The first system to be available will be a 10kw version and slated to follow is the 4kw version. They are hoping to have both in production by the end of 2008.

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