Hey :) My name’s Adam , I’m 33, and I live in Manchester, UK.

I have 6 grand, carpentry skills and my own tools.

I’m done with being a citizen in this… society. We’re getting scarily close to 1984… :’D that may sound a lil dramatic, but that’s how I feel. I’m hoping to find a better way to exist.

I’m hoping to find some like-minded people, to work together figuring out a way out of the madness, into nature, without naivety, expecting a hard challenge, willing to work towards real independance.

I can’t do this alone. I need good quality, strong and dependable people. I don’t have a plan, but I have some cash and I can build. Wales seems nice, Sardinia might be a good choice too, lots of cheap land in Europe.

I’m thinking if we get 4 or 5 of us, all with something to offer, we can build something amazing. We all work together constructing a series of round houses like the one pictured… google “simon dale”.

“Don’t wait for the bread to rise”
“Take this pine cone and escape, while you still can”

Thanks, Adam.

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8 Responses to “Carpentry skills, own tools, 6 Grand, looking for valuable community members”

  1. Claudia

    Hello, I’m looking to go off grid somewhere in Ontario if possible. We are a couple and we have a child 3yrs old. My partner has tools and carpentry, electrical and construction background. I’m learning about plants medicinal and food preservation. Anyone that is looking for more members to add to their community? Thanks! All the best!

  2. Silvija

    I am looking to move to a community in about 4 weeks. Does anyone have information how to join. What are requirement

  3. Silvija

    Hello from Austria, I would like to join, enough money for the beginning I can cook, extremely good, experience if needed medical herbs if anyone needs medical help. Gardening skills, know with animals. Let me know. Stay blessed

  4. jj

    Hey Adam!

    I’m a tradesman in London, originally from Cape Town. My wife’s from New Zealand and we’re leaving for Bulgaria in October. We looked at Wales and the One Planet options but it’s quite a process and a big lead time. Can be doing somwthing similar in BG and be up and runnin gin months, not years.

    We have cash and a plan. Natural off frid living is our passion and we know it requires work and community.

    Many hands make light work and we’re open to partnering with people who have a good heart and are honest, reliable, hard working and know it takes more than dreams to make things happen.

    The permaculture ethics of earth care, people care and future care are our starting point.

    Email me at psyseas@gmal.com to set up a Zoom meeting. We can talk ideas and see if we’re on the same level.

    Best regards
    JJ & Nikki

  5. Gregory Bell

    I’m on the same page as you. l want to escape this society. I’m a carpenter and master wood carver. l’m working on a lot of native American carvings at the moment. l live in Norfolk.

    • ImOut

      Hey Gregory. We are looking for a team of around 5 or 6, each with some capital to stake on the land, if you have 6 or 7 grand then we can talk more about what we’re trying to do.
      Here’s my email- adam.bukhari1988@hotmail.com

    • Janice

      Hi Gregory. I hope you don’t mind me contacting. I am retired lady. I have £4.500 atm. + Pension. I waste a lot on rubbish being bored really, but I like to be busy. I want a new life, in fact desperate for a complete change. I have no ties now. My skill s are craft work, leather, jewellery, herbs, gardening, art, recycling etc. Hope just to correspond with people as I feel this is the answer for the New Age. Anyway good luck if I don’t hear. Best wishes Janice. Ps. I’m in London but have connections in Norfolk and I know it a little.

  6. MelissaImiya85

    Hi I’m Melissa, 36 with a 13 year old daughter. I want the same as you but I’m hoping to get to Mexico or South America as it seems more laid back with the forced rules right now. New rules here are just gonna get worse and soon will need a vaccine passports to even go to an event in the U.K. whatS next! Flying abroad?! Take a look online at off grid in Costa Rica and mexico. By the way i lived in Manchester for 10 years! Sale.