I’m a 33 year old Male married with a daughter. Long story short I ran away from a group at 14 and went to work at a real estate company on the construction end. By the time I was 20 I was over all residential and commercial projects. I can basically build a home from beginning to end. So after talking to the wife we both love the outdoors, and thought about finding land and building or home from the land but without having the income to purchase land…I decided to Google and see what’s out there and it landed me here…we also have 3 dogs who or like or kids . so long story Short. If anyone has land that would like to trade for my carpenter skills… Open to suggested places any were in the united states.or would like to know more about us.please email. Orwoodtech1633@gmail.com

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6 Responses to “carpenter for land”

  1. Dovely

    Where do you live now?

  2. alana

    I suggest you check out Wwoof (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) to get some experience before you decide on anything permanent. You can gain a bunch of off-grid skills/experience/understanding of what it takes and if it’s truly for you and your family. You can figure out what works for you and what doesn’t by seeing how others do it (there are plenty of off-grid farms on the site).
    Your dogs would not jive well with our set up since we have livestock gaurdian dogs and other working dogs…small dogs they think of more as livestock to protect….big dogs they see as a threat to the livestock…and we have farm animals free ranging all over the place. But best of luck to you and yours! -alana

  3. woodtechgc

    And yes Alana I would be open to learning.

  4. woodtechgc

    I would have to say never actually lived off grid, I do grow or on vegatables now,I go fishing never hunted before,but I spend 90% of my time out doors,always making or doing something,so yes I do not have a lot of experience bliving off grid the closet would be when the family and I go camping for a few weeks living only off the land at a local lake. Now for location I don’t have to be close to anything ,just need water and lots of trees, the breed of my dogs or 2pitt bulls 1 Rottweiler…. And yes I may would consider Canada, but would take me longer before I could make a move,was kinda hoping for something in the united states…

  5. alana

    Couple of questions:

    How remote are you willing to go? IN other words, do you need to be by a school, town, general society, etc?
    What kind of housing set up are you interested in?
    Do you have any off-grid experience at all?
    What breed of dogs?
    Are you looking for something permanent or are you open to temporary/educational situations to learn the reality of off-grid living?

  6. Wolfpack

    If you ever want to come to Canada I think I know a place that would work for you. Mistyt28@gmail