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New trendier designs are attracting a younger crowd into the caravan market.


Caravan sales went through the roof last year when the UK became the biggest caravan producer in Europe.

A new trend is hitting the country as caravan manufacturers are swapping the old caravan interior, with its dark coloured flowery carpets, for a more minimalistic Ikea-style design. This is attracting younger, style-conscious customers, which are challenging older people for dominance in caravan ownership, according to the National Caravan Council. Manufacturers like Bailey now make the affordable Ranger with its contemporary new look and Swift’s new Challenger range boasts elegant Italian-designed curved furniture.

Caravanning is now the most popupar holiday choice in Britain, representing 70 million holiday nights.

The new 2005 designs will be on show to the public for the first time at The Caravan Extravaganza Weekend at The Lawns in Hull,Cottingham, on the 4th and 5th September and at the Earl’s court Caravan and Outdoor leisure show from 2nd to 7th November.



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