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A tiny tech startup called Tellurex is launching its new candle-powered electric light via, the crowd-funding web site. Although we at have not seen a prototype of the mini-generator, we love the idea, and it is already 50% of the way to its goal.
Michigan-based Tellurex is seeking funders and distributors to help launch its “electrical generator.” About the size of a small soup can, the power on demand thermoelectric system converts the heat of a single tea candle into an electrical current capable of providing bright indoor or outdoor light using its plug-in lamp attachment.
It can also charge the batteries used in cell and smartphones through its battery charger attachment. This generator was designed to provide power during electrical blackouts in homes after violent weather events and in any off-grid location from a camp site to a home or school room in the developing world.
The tPOD – thermoelectric Power On Demand – can provide up to four hours of light from one five cent tea candle. With power generated by a candle, the tPOD1 system can also recharge a companion battery pack that, in turn, will provide limited power for a few minutes of smartphone calls, emergency text messaging and GPS rescue signal use.
. When lit and positioned below the generator, the tea candle is protected from wind, and the integrated generator and lamp may be moved and interchanged while it’s operating. Weighing in at less than twelve ounces, the device fits easily into backpacks or auto glove boxes.
The POD is a safe way to deliver much needed light to millions of homes and buildings located in the extensive off-grid regions of the world. Light produced from the tPOD1 allows households to reduce or eliminate hazardous fires fueled with kerosene and fire-brands that produce toxic fumes. At certain Kickstarter pledge levels, Tellurex commits to deliver a tPOD1 to developing countries through Rotary International.
Tellurex management believes that North America will be a major market for the tPOD1 because it addresses both disaster preparedness and recreational backcountry activities.
Tellurex is seeking funds to launch this innovative product worldwide through a crowd-funding platform facilitated by Those interested in pledging should visit the Tellurex web site for a link to the offer. Remember – this is a great idea but still at the development stage.
If the campaign is successful, the tPOD will change the odds for disaster victims, support backcountry recreation in a new and convenient way, and improve the living standards, health and productivity of millions of the world’s citizens living in off-grid villages.

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  1. jonathan

    this looks like a fantastic idea.i have been living in a van on an off for the last two years.i would like to try living in a yurt maybe in the uk or france.and try living off not a bussiness man but your invention looks sure this is gonna take off in time.