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Interesting discussion on the city-data forum, about the safety of single women living in RVs and vans in urban and suburban areas. Is it significantly more dangerous than for aman? Does it depend on exactly which city, or street?

What are you opinions. Below are the original posting, followed by the comment that sparked this debate from someone who admits “Call me an old fogey if you wish. These simply are not the times to go out alone to have a wild and merry adventure. Times are tough all over”.

The original poster says:

I’m 32/female and I’ve always wanted to live off the grid. I have a small sewing business which I plan to take on the road with me. I plan to save for a conversion van but for now I’ve just got my little Dodge Caravan which I plan on making some minor adjustments to. Has anyone here done this? I’d like to meet people from all over the world, and hopefully plan some stops where I can stop to volunteer some time in exchange for a meal, warm bed & shower. I can’t explain why I want to do this, I guess I’m just a free spirit at heart and finally want to follow my dreams.

The commenter says

“Forgive me for bring the spoiler here. I would consider it downright dangerous for a 32-year-old female to be living on her own in a van of any type. Yes, I know, the spirit of adventurism and desire for the freedom of the road have a great deal of appeal for young folks. Are your parents still alive? Have you discussed this with them? What are their feelings about it? I know you are of legal age, but at the very least, you should be staying in very close touch with someone who is “grounded” – a parent or close friend who will be in touch with you regularly, and know your location at all times (esp at night). Be very careful whom you accept a shower or hot meal from.

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What sort of repair is your van in? What resources do you have if a major repair is required? What if you become ill, run out of money entirely, or get into some sort of trouble (inadvertently) that requires a lawyer? There are reasons why folks settle down near family, friends, or familiar communities. You often need other people. My suggestion is that you begin with “mini-trips” of a week or 2 weeks at first, and see how you fare.

If you are just broke and SOL, you need to find resources to help you deal with that right here and now, not when you are 600 miles away from home and help. I am speaking here from the perspective of a father of two and the grandfather of six. Call me an old fogey if you wish. These simply are not the times to go out alone to have a wild and merry adventure. Times are tough all over, and I’d hate to see you become a target. Please give all this very serious thought, before you embark on the type of “adventure” you describe!

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