My name is Mike and im 26 years old. I currently work full time in a machine shop and iv wanted to live off grid for a long time now. Iv came to thw realization that i cant just go off grid by myself nor would i want that ling term anyway.  I need someone to take me in. Im not too picky about where you are. I have retirement money i can pull out, i have all my own stuff including firearms for hunting and what ever, and i have a very strong back to help with literally any and all things physical.  Im very dedicated,  have strong will power with a good head on my shoulders. Im single with no kids so i’m pretty much as good as it gets for homestead/ off grid help.  if you need any more info just ask. Only thing that might be tricky is timing because i do have a lease for my apartment and such. I can be a BIG help to you – PLEASE HELP ME!!!

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