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Hi there,

I’m curious to see if anyone has any recommendation for communities of people living off the grid. I live in an urban area but really want to try getting away from the grind. I’m ideally looking for a communal living community that is completely self-sufficient where everyone works within the community and has to do their part to keep the boat floating. Love gardening and farming! I’d either love to find a place that is extremely primitive or highly technologically advanced.  The quirkier or more eccentric the better :) Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Email kmch81@yahoo.com with any tips!  Thanks!

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2 Responses to “Can anyone recommend any OTG communities living on the same land?”

  1. freerange

    We have a start up community, south Arkansas, over 60 acres.

    We have perfect growing weather, almost year-round season.

    We would love your help.

  2. Senorcoconut

    We’re building now (closing on land purchase in the next couple months) an off grid communty 90 minutes outside NYC. This is a nice mix of people who want the full communal thing and be independent. And we are looking for more people to join in. Check it out: https://catalystecovillage.org

    its evolved quite a bit since the site was written, i wanna make a massive workshop (metal, wood, fabrication) for art. There’s 21 people dedicated right now, mostly from a Burning Man background.

    Hope you find what you’re looking for!