[before_listing images= youtube=null] K1 is a self commissioning opportunity at Orchard Park, Cambridge involving 40 householders. It will be a co-housing community supported by developers.

Community is central to the design of both the site as a whole and the individual homes. We will have a common house where we can share meals, get our post, watch films, have parties or just get together and chat.

Each household will have their own house, built to Passivhaus standard. And their our own outdoor space as well as the communal land.

K1 are looking for potential residents to become members:

-to be actively involved in the creation of a new sustainable community
-to influence the design of the new homes
own a new home that is cheap to run with low utility consumption
-to purchase a unique home within average market prices
take an active role in the long term management of the community
-to contribute and benefit from being part of a community.[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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2 Responses to “K1 Cambridge: co-housing group looking for members”

  1. Jon Preece

    Oooh it’s been ages but I’m keen to join you. I’m North East England.

    To anyone else looking, let’s crowd fund some land and get this started!?

    Please email me


  2. Bee1

    Guess what? A great friend of mine created a non profit organization & got 80 acres of land from the government of Puerto Rico.We are now working on establishing a children’s farm program….fundraising…farmer’s market…farm festivals…earthship construction…creating connections…and all of the above. If you are interested in volunteering and/or making a collaboration of any kind that goes in line with what we are doing please contact her through the farm website… http://www.puertoricofarm.com #theuniverseisabundant!

    Interested in coming to Puerto Rico? She also has an Affordable Guest House for you to stay in! Check it out! Come on down! https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/967289