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Letter published in The Burlington Free Press earlier today:

We attended a lecture by Bill McKibben at the Rutland Free Library hoping to hear real solutions in the green energy sector and ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Not only did we come away disappointed but infuriated!

We sat instead in an overheated room viewing his slide show of places all over the world that he had jetted off to. The carbon emissions from his trips alone far exceeded many Vermonters’ carbon footprint. He expressed sympathy for caribou affected by the Hydro Quebec dam and people on the other side of the world but had a cold, callous response to a family here in Vermont, living off the grid, but suffering from Wind Turbine Syndrome.

It was only when pressured again did he say that maybe someone needs to find them another place to live!


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3 Responses to ““Callous” Bill McKibben, eco-fraudster”

  1. Kyle Sager

    I do not remotely believe McKibben is a “fraud.” Were his trips to be pleasure cruises, you would have a point. They are not. McKibben is non-stop in the face of press and organizing. His schedule is brutal and few people could keep up with him. If you want a “fraud” look at pipeline and Canadian Government planning for oil expressly for China while repeatedly issuing false claims of concern for “American energy security.”

  2. Jeremy

    There is no easy answers to energy…as one in the field states…all energy is “dirty”, so I suppose the least harmful energy may be best answer.

  3. Jane

    That person could not have been paying attention. He did not go to those places. Those were pictures from events around the world whose participants sent photos into a website. Here’s the link:
    How about doing your homework before making callous accusations.