I own 20 acres of wooded/ open land srrounded by much more of the same on an undeveloped road that will remain undeveloped for a very long time at the very least. We are completely off grid yet only 15 minutes from town. I build a house for myself and another i rent out. I have lived here for 20 years and now having a good idea of what works, what doesn’t, I am looking for others who might fit in to grow with this land from here. Wild wood building, trailer beds to strip and bulid on, outdoor kitchen, gardens, pocket orchards, more ponds, batch box rocket mass heaters, just to name a few.  :)  I am not financially flush by any means, so for lack of cash and pro earth, re/freecycling and DYI is the way of life here. Not for the faint of heart or romanticizer. There is one 20 trailer available for work trade. Other possibilities to be discussed. You must be able to take good care of yourself and contribute in a healthy and substantial manner. We do not have guns, cats, smoke tobacco or grow weed. We are queer friendly and believe in multi cultural equality. I am looking for those who are truly physically motivated, generous of spirit and emotionally mature. Your neighbor matters. Primary basic principle. … if your ok I’m ok. Women encouraged to apply.

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16 Responses to “Calling motivated diy ers !”

  1. JamesN

    Please shoot me an E mail if there is still space available. I have been doing DIYing for a year or so now with a friend by dumpster diving and recycling. I would be glad to talk about what other skill sets I have in Email .I also want to quickly mention that I plan on relocating in April- Ma.
    I hope to hear back from you soon. Thank you.

  2. Peaceful Diligence

    Hello, Love that Basic Principle

    I spent a year volunteering on Organic gardens to study sustainable living models. I went to Texas and traveled from east to west for that year and saw many different models, including communal living, since that is my eventual goal. I learned and saw a lot. I realized that it is not only possible but quite feasible. That lifestyle provides the quality of life I am seeking.

    I have seen how I can enjoy what I do, every day, and have a simple life that I can be happy in. I look forward to finding my place and being welcomed into that peaceful existence. This has excited me about the next chapter in my interesting life, which has led me to drafting this email to see if we may want to work together to make our futures as enjoyable and productive as we can.


  3. Angel jwll

    My daughter is pregnant. .five months. She is 20and I am 41. I have a large medical knowledge from working with the elderly and being ill myself. We both have alot of skills and I have been called a work horse. Im not afrade of much. Want to be a part of something real.we both have bags poo ackef and ready to go…we live in south west michigan. I am also an amazing cook.I can sew, play piano, draw and I like to sing.among many more things. I like to meditate and i try to find beauty in everything. I am a peace maker. I need to feel needed for a change

  4. Ray

    We are very interested 31 married with four kids been in woods all my life this is my dream

  5. Cheryl Parker

    I recently was laid off from Halliburton and lost both my parents and my dog. I am ready to move out of the cu=ity and move off grid. I am putting everything in storage next weekend.

    I am great at survival inventions and making showers and toilets and things that do not require lights but flushes and the shower is better than the one in a house.

    I hope to hear back from someone.


  6. Cole

    Hello all. Living off-grid has been a long-time interest of mine, as well, and I have lots of great assets to contribute to such a picture, if it felt right for me and the other(s). I have rather good resources, knowledge, skills… I am very holistically-oriented, and can tell you how to heal almost any disease with much greater success than the medical industry. I am very grounded. The Asheville, NC area has my greatest interest for several reasons; temperate climate, sustainability, 4-seasons, good precipitation, soil, wildlife, and especially the culture and people… Looking forward to finding out about your journey.

    Peace, Cole

  7. Robert Wess

    I’m very excited to have found this! my boyfriend and I have been looking for a place to move off-grid for several months now. We don’t have much money but we have lots of skills to contribute. We want to start a life where the work we do directly contributes to our life, not just making money and buying things. We want to work hard to make a life that is harmonious with nature and to help our neighbors do the same.

    I look forward to hearing back from you!
    Wes (wesleyfawx@gmail.com)

  8. keith ament

    hey there would like to talk more my email is c101 _keith@hotmail.com

  9. fishgirl

    hi i like this and would like more info poissonchantelle@gmail.com

  10. keith ament

    Hello i like this idea if would like to talk more my email is c101_keith@hotmail.com would like to discuss

  11. Lee K

    Hi, really liked your post. I have been searching for an off grid, diverse community. I am a hard worker, committed, nonjudgmental, sane. I currently live in Arizona and have for 25 years, stable. I think off grid living is hard work and would like to talk more. Single, active. Please contact me. Where are you located?

  12. lisaA

    not to sound like an ass or nothing, but “We do not have guns, cats, smoke tobacco or grow weed” does this line mean you wont take anyone in that has them?

  13. Pete Casanova

    My wife and I are off grid and have been for 2 years. We love it but are by ourselves. Would not mind connecting to share ideas etc.

  14. Gina zapala

    Recently divorced and fed up with everything. Looking for off grid community to join. I am a hard worker, don’t mind getting my hands dirty. I am honest and have a good heart… Looking for a community of like minded people that are fed up with the establishment.

  15. Mike

    Hi my name is mike , i live in Atlanta, and am sick and tired of city life.. me and my partner are looking to move off-grid very soon. id like to get a shed cabin and build my home but i dont have land. it would be nice connect with like minded individuals. I am a huge DIY guy, good with my hands, i know a little bit of construction i can build a basic house but,very creative with my hands,interior design,Herbal naturopath in training, interested in growing my food.


  16. jason

    Hey, My name is Jason and i have been planning to go off grid for some time now, All i want is to grow and build a small little house and maintain my life, I have giving up on this world in reguards to the way how they want use to live. I am able to build, plant food and much more.

    we can chat more later plz email me when you get this message.

    jason 226 973 8065 London ont text if you want as well if you can.