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Brazil’s coast-line is for sale and Argentina, still reeling from the economic collapse, also has land deals. Westerners with cash to spare are heading out there to buy land. Better in our hands than some faceless multinational.

Prices vary, but can be as little as $25 per acre. Life is cheap wherever you are outside the big cities in South America, and you can grow food and live self-sufficiently. The climate is mostly temperate in Argentina but gets cold and arid as you go up in the Andes. The coastal plains are fertile and it isn’t difficult to find a piece of land with a stream or on the coast. In Brazil avoid the Nordeste, the dry north-eastern region.


Argentine-land.com Land for sale in Argentina

Viviun International Property Listings


land and property for sale in brazil (in Portuguese)

land and property for sale in Argentina (in Spanish)

EscapeArtist.com international real estate, has good information on buying and living in these countries.

Brazzil Online magazine about Brazil (in English)

if you�re thinking about buying a disused mine or quarry: Brazil department of Mines and Energy (in Portuguese)


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14 Responses to “Buying Land in South America”

  1. Jeffrey

    For Sale 18 hectares @ riverfront 344 meters wide. app 522 in length. If your serious leave a reply.

    • Jeffrey

      For Sale 18 hectares @ riverfront 344 meters wide. app 522 in length. If your serious leave a reply. Approximately 20 km from the Capital Paramaribo, Suriname South America, 163.821 km², population 550.000 Exchange rate 1 usd:7.5 Suriname dollars. Most forested country in the world just about 17% of the country has been or is in use for living, business, agro, etc. Languages;Dutch, Englisch and in the border town Albina also French. The lingua franca is “Sranang Tongo” mixture of African, Indonesian, Hindi, Portuguese, Englisch, Dutch.

  2. James

    Sam .. I am thinking of doing the same thing.. I hate to leave my kids behind but my wife divorced me .. She has custody so I plan to sell the house I am living in and give her the money for support.. Hopefully I will be left with enough money to buy something down there and be able to live off the land.. Because I will be broke..

  3. Paul Kjellsson

    I’m leaving for South America this summer. Me and a group of friends are starting a hostel. It will be off grid and self sufficient. We are in need of more people. We need people with experience from building, farming, renewable energy, automation, mechanics etc. The name of the place will be “The Happy Hippie”. If this sounds interesting to anyone, feel free to contact me at paul.kjellsson@gmail.com

  4. John

    I’m vegetarian and am looking for land/farm in South America as well. I would like to go off grid and eventually become self sufficient. I have 20 years + of construction experience, 10 in farming and business. I;m also very interested in starting a type of charity to help native people in need to become self sufficient.

  5. araya

    I would like to buy land in uruguay , if possible with a few other people, so we can buy bigger, must be vegan/veggie, if view of creating an off grid forest edible garden, where we all only do 3 days work, build our own eco houses or put yurts or tents x

  6. charles Pharms III

    I want land in South America

  7. C Biasone

    Please wanting to return looking for approximental 25ks of money there is not much hope of more, off grid is perfect to.

  8. Cristophe

    Selling 7 to 8 hectares of land best for farming in San Felipe, Fifth Region, Chile, less from 1 hour in vehicle to Santiago de Chile.

  9. Spyridon

    Looking to buy 5- 10 hectares of land with a stream in Argentina, to live of the land and off the grid.

  10. Bruno

    For Sale 2000 hectareas or 5000 hectareas in Uruguay, the best land to agriculture. contact abaco12345@hotmail.com

  11. Sam

    I am thinking of denouncing my United States citizenship and moving to Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador or somewhere where I can try to be self sufficient. I own two rental properties in Charlotte NC that produce some incom. I just started looking into this do you have any good ideas or advice? Thanks in advance!- Your friend, Sam

    • Moniq Ferrer

      Sam that’s a great idea! Tina Tuner did it why cant you? But, have in mind once you renounce your US Citizenship and obtain another you will have new rights and responsibilities with your new residency and if your tush is ever gets in trouble on foreign land you will not get asylum from the US Embassy anywhere on the planet..Do a little more research before jumping in with both feet!
      Best of Luck!!