[before_listing images= youtube=null] Me and my wife are in our mid 20’s and looking to buy some land to live, raise a kid, build a house etc. Been my goal for as long as I can remember, and I like to think I am so terrible at dealing with the modern world because I have been gearing myself up to go off grid.

Primarily looking at Wales.

We are looking to have people with a similar amount of money £30ish to chip in so we can play with the big boys, consider the more expensive and far better value pieces of land, then formally carve it up. The more parties, the cheaper the land, but comes with it the organisational challenges and hassle.

My background is maintenance and general tinkering and my other half has a background in property law, so we can have an agreement all legit and above board. We aren’t looking to make any money from this group purchase, we just want to bypass companies like woodlands.co.uk and share the would-be-profit around as extra acres rather than a 3rd party getting rich.

It’s not that I am against the commune mentality, I’d just rather it wasn’t forced…Start this with a mind to being neighbours, then if things develop, great, but if they don’t. There will be no hard feelings.

I am totally up for some agreement for common ground, helping each other out and generally being a good neighbour though. But don’t want anything imposed (as obligation removes the fun in my experience).

Given the fact we have had to move to London to earn enough money to make this happen means we intend to buy now and get some trees and coppice establishing and some wood seasoning and generally preparing for the next 3 years until we can make the move.

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Some incoherant bullet points:

-Meat eater
-Luddite (try and keep the tech to a minimum)
-Very interested in oil alternatives, and excluding plastic wherever possible

That being said I will still own a laptop, van and a phone, and probably have to work at least two days a week with electric tools and plastic materials, but I intend to hide these things away and pretend I am not part of the modern world for the most part:P. So yet more hypocrisy :P

All the best.


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