[before_listing id=391 images= youtube=null] i’ve built 4 x 65 watt panels from scratch ;’).. i’m doing free energy experiments, but i also want to get a system sorted for people to get there low powered stuff / battery powered stuff off grid, i.e. not many people can get 100% off grid because of costs, so getting 50% of appliances 100% off grid is a bonus , isn’t it, LOL i’d thinking of land in Bulgaria.. its dirt cheap with run down houses etc… ideallly would love to be in a ‘freeman’ community…
reclaim land or something…. One Love ;’).[landbuddy_listing id=391 youtube=null]

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4 Responses to “building solar panels and loving it ;’)”

  1. Farian

    @ Pete – I’m sorry to hear FreeMan lifestyle doesn’t work for you. As you correctly name it in it’s ‘legal’ term, ‘FreeMannery’ is of course just another way of saying Legally & Lawfully aware and educated. If FM doesn’t work for you, then i would suggest studying more and harder and deeper, can you provide some info / show me where it hasn’t worked please ? cheers…. there is a lot of info showing it does work….
    FM is about Law, if you learn it well, it works.
    Please tell me the areas of FM you are knowledgable in and using and i’ll try and tell you where your going wrong ;’)… Well observed about the dirt in Bulgaria… i agree, dirt is very common on our planet…….

    Kinda curious as to whether you can tell whats wrong with a formula one car just by looking at it on your tv screen ? or what the result of the football will be based on how the teams look in the tunnel ? ;’)… have a good day ;’).

  2. Farian

    @ ES UK ;’).. nice one !
    built 6 x 65w , the last 2 with A grade cells although there is not mcuh difference in power output between A & B grade…
    Used them in the summer untill i lost my ground space to shadow, didnt plug my small low powered appliances ( chargers etc ) in for about 4 months, ( negative is lack of space in direct light ) …. shut down now for winter or untill i can raise the panels up high…. costs = about £60 / £70 per panel incl propper pv cable etc..
    weight approx 20 / 25 kg ( wooden frame ) so not reallly suitable for luxury projects, more heavy duty ones !

    once i got the hang of not breaking cells, it was easy… 80 watt soldering iron is a minimum…. ;’).. anyhoo, they work in the right light and weather, and cosmetically they dont look bad either ;’).. LOL…. please ask anything…. ;’). thanks ;’)..

  3. Earthship UK

    Tell me more about your panels :D

  4. Pete

    Freemannery is BS. It doesn’t work. Have you ever seen evidence? I haven’t

    However, land in Bulgaria is dirt cheap, indeed. However the land is also like dirt: Useless. Too much red tape