[before_listing images= youtube=null] _____Greetings to you, whoever you are.
_____First off, I’d like to tell you something about myself. In simple terms, I am a man of vision. And spiritual one at that (I have no religion). Jack of many trades, able to learn whatever is needed. I see no future in this weird society and want to set myself free from it… I am not willing to be slave with boring job for miserable pay…
_____There are two types of people: Those with a vision and those with strength and knowledge to make it come true. One without the other is powerless, other without the one lacks direction. I have the vision… But I need you, you and you, to make it happen.
_____My vision is a community of few dozen people, that is as self-sufficient as possible, that evolves and grows. A community where everyone does what they do best and share it with others, where there’s no money and no one’s left behind. Where you aren’t required to do everything… Where one farms, while the other repairs tools, makes pottery or chops wood. Where “self-sufficient” is brought as far as it goes, going beyond mere food, water and electricity.
_____What I is see is a working village in subtropical climate with all necessary craftsmen and equipment to make tools, clothes, containers, furniture, etcetera, that works on principle of consensus and trust instead of leadership. A point where the best of ancient ages and modern times meets. Natural life alongside of technology and electricity.
_____There is simply too much to convey in such a small place as this, so I will cut it here… My contribution to community would be: Broad though not very detailed knowledge, spiritual insight, good organizing capabilities and help with whatever needs to be dealt with. I am a student from not-so-rich country, which makes my money situation and possible contribution pretty much clear. otherwise… I am animal-loving raw vegan and kinda right-brained person. In a tribe I would be a shaman, a druid, or whatever you call that position. I feel that my place is being the “glue” of community, the soul of it.
_____I am open to questions and discussions. What I need now is basic group of people, about ten or so, to initiate the first step. To do the planning and research with me, to get some money together, to pick the right place (I would be for the Mediterranean. But I can imagine land there being expensive and so I am willing to travel worldwide to make it happen.) and to prepare. I want foundations to be clear before we start building. I am already writing down things, skills and people needed for such a community to work and I am doing some researches. Shortly after posting this, I will be posting a forum thread with much more detailed description of the “bare bones” of my plan and vision. Thank you for reading any of this. If this is resonating with you… Lets make it happen! Individually we might be struggling, but humans aren’t meant to live on their own, we are pack animals, a tribal species… Let us go back to our roots.[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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23 Responses to “Building a community”

  1. ringo slikboer

    Hi There My question to you is , 1 you stil living offline? 2 Is there a posibilety to join you ? I am an 47 year old man that have anof of this sociatie and want to live in peace and helping others.With kind regards Ringo

  2. Pascal Ah

    Im looking to go off grid for the same reasons as you and i really like your ideas ! Contact me on facebook “Pascal Ah”
    Lets do this and get back to our roots before society gets messed up even more !!

  3. Craig Robinson

    Hi Guys

    Have you progressed with this and are you still looking for members?

  4. Rich

    I’ve been seriously looking into intentional communities for some time and am ready to make a leap if one is already in process… Candice, if you are able to be host, I am interested in helping move things forward.

  5. Los

    Hello Sine. Your message resonates here. Are you still looking for candidates?

    I’m a former USAF Electrician, served a total of 8yrs. Born in Jan, 1986. I do a bit of my own home gardening. I’ve been a raw vegan for about 2(?) years now. My passion is all around self sustainment with a bit of knoweldge and books (survival, herbal, self sus.) on the subject. I’m quite skilled in many areas with room to learn for more. I’m more on the spiritual side. I sun gaze, walk barefoot on the earth as much as possible, meditate and have a few instruments that I have yet to master. I don’t drink alcohol, don’t smoke. I plan on making an herbal garden, for healing of course with (tea’s, oils, hygiene care, etc). I have a litle bit of cash saved and currently live in San Antonio, TX and am willing to travel. If I seem compatible or if you have any questions, feel free to send me an email any time.


  6. Paul MacDonald

    I am very interested. Survival and hunting skills. Can speak German, English and French. Have woofing/helpx experience {organic farming etc) be glad to hear from anyone.

  7. Robertozg

    Hi guys, it seems that we all share a vision here… I’m still not so brave to take this step but I would like to be informed and help as much as can.. Please keep me informed rmesir@gmail.com

    P.S. I’m from Croatia (Mediterranean) and there is something like this going on on our islands… If this thing gets rolling I could find more informations about this projects here…

    All the best,

  8. Candice

    please email me, looking to go off grid.


  9. Alex Burke

    Hey, I’m twenty two years old and from the UK. I’ve wanted to break free from this urban jungle for awhile, to be able to be free. I’m also spiritual and believe in a high state of mind and body.
    I feel like i could give something good to the creating and building of the community.

  10. samantha

    Jared hulshizer email me

  11. Jared Hulshizer

    Hello. I am a 33 year old male. This is all I can think about lately. I am well aware of how enslaved I am in this backwards world. This is exactly what I want. To farm a self sustaining family of friends and live out the rest of our days in peace. I have no monetary value. Not even a penny to my name due to the fact I simply refuse economic slavery. I am done with that part of life, if you can call it that. Im fit and able. I have a good knowledge in horticulture and will bring whatever is needed to the table. As long as it costs no money. I never want to hold another dollar bill in my hands again. I am willing to hop on my bicycle and go to wherever is needed to start this community. Please respond asap ty

  12. perception8

    Love to see others doing what we are. My wife and I are organizing an off-grid community here in British Columbia, Canada where the winters are short and mild; and will be applying Permaculture principles to our land. We hope to have between 10 and 20 families join us in building this community. It is important that there is no mortgage on the land so we will need to collect enough funds to pay for land, basic equipment, animals (chickens, goats, maybe sheep and horses too), fruit and nut trees, back up supply of food for first year, and land moulding costs. Rough guesstimate for now is approx. $20k to 30k per family plus you provide your own place to live (i.e. trailer, modular home, etc.) and eventually we hope to build community buildings and possibly cabins to move into later. Unfortunately we have to play by “THEIR” rules for now and obtaining the land and supplies does cost money. We hope to have a website up with details sometime in September. Everything will be professionally and legally done with contracts. So if interested, check back to this website over the next couple of months.

    Good luck with your venture.

    • JennyV123

      Good morning
      have you started your community?

      I would love to be part of it…
      living in Ontario currently


  13. Candice

    Hi Sine
    Thank you so much for your email….I cant tell you how thrilled and excited I am. I will await your email.
    Love & peace

  14. Sine Nomine

    _____Hey, Candice. Your offer sounds awesome, with your help we could pass one of the biggest obstacles with ease. The buying of land. Your land seems in the right climate and man, 55 hectars… That’s big. Over half a square kilometer. That is exactly what I have wanted to work with. I thank you, for giving me / us this opportunity.
    _____We are in the process of forming stable ways of communication right now and so far, we have exchanged few emails. To get you on the same page, I will send you an email shortly, with paper I intended to post on the forum, if it would actually let me (well, some parts of that paper are outdated now that you have showed up with land to work with, which I am incredibly grateful for) and I will resend you an email that Mike has sent. Then I will proceed to write another mass-email to all the people interested, addressing what Mike has written and further discussing the means of communication.
    _____Of course, I will send you all of our emails addresses, so that you can get in touch with us and give us some closer info. (what you have / don’t have, what needs to be established, etc. , what natural resources are there to work with… Well, y’know.)
    _____Thank you again, I will contact you soon enough.

  15. Candice Hastings

    Hi, I am from South Africa..and have the same idea. Wanting to break free …. I am also spiritual, a herbalist, crystal and reiki healer. I own a small holding (farm) consisiting of 55 hectors, with some houses, flats it. I would like very much if you could concider maybe, helping me develope the land for a off the grid commumity. The farm is flat, in the mountains, boarding Lesotho (Qatchas Nek). We are +-5 km outside of the little town called Matatiele. The water on the farm has been tested and is as pure as it gets. I have loads o f ideas and would love to seriously get this ball rolling. Let me know if you would be interested. Love and Peace Candice

  16. Sine Nomine

    _____Thanks for the feedback Michael. I always like to see likeminded people.
    _____Anyway, right now, I am figuring out, what’s wrong and I have made post to ask, why the hell the forum won’t let me make my thread. It really hinders the whole process, so if it doesn’t get better, we will have to figure out other way to start spreading this and pick other place to discuss it.
    _____If nothing happens, I will send an email to each one of you interested with a copy of what I have written, so that we can discuss it further. by the way… Does any of you know about other forums like this? Because it would be great if we could talk in some place… That actually works.

  17. Michael Perazzetti

    I am also interested in this ideal long term though may not be able to participate at first, but this is a wonderful idea that I would like to brainstorm, explore, research, travel to discuss with others, in the immediate future. My email is mike.perazzetti@gmail.com

  18. Sine Nomine

    Trying to post the thread, but the forum throws an error at me. I will keep trying it and if I will be unsuccessful even tomorrow, I will let you know here.

  19. Sine Nomine

    Sanna, Raven, Thank you for your feedback, I greatly appreciate it. I will be posting the forum thread I promised after this post, so lets talk there. If you by any chance know other people, who would like this idea, tell them about it. The name of the thread (in the “general discussion” section) will be the same. “Building a community”. Yet again, I thank you and I hope this idea will grow.

  20. Raven

    Vegan, not raw yet. Looking for something very similar to what you’ve stated here. I’m a companion animal rescuer/rehabber. Please get in touch with me if you are serious about starting this. Growing/gardening, cooking, sewing, personal product creating, permaculture design, etc are my offerings.

  21. Sanna

    I love your idea! Sounds almost identical to the vision of a “perfect life” that I’m dreaming of,
    if we combine our strength and wisdom, anything and everything is possible!