I am a single man of 43 years.  I was a carpenter for 16 years and I now have an AS degree in residential construction.  I know photovoltaics, 110/220 volt electrical systems, and basic plumbing.  I want to be a self-sustaining farmer away from the city, producing as much as I consume.  I plan on a vegetarian diet so I will only raise laying hens for eggs and a nanny goat for milk.  I would also like to grow building materials like timber and hemp.

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2 Responses to “Builder/Fixer looking for opportunity in Nor Cal or Oregon”

  1. Alana

    If you’re still looking around for an off-grid site, email me and I’ll give you details about our set up out here in N. CA.

    • Daniel

      I am looking for someone interested in going off grid, or someone who is currently livng that way, or even a community of off grid’ers…


      I am a 36 year old single Male
      I receive a Pension from the VA
      am Ex Military

      Please let me know if you are interested…