[before_listing images= youtube=null] Neurodivergent (ASD likely) girl. I don’t know the proper buzz-words to effectively encapsulate myself as a being to fit in this little box.
I love music, and laughing. I love spending time with friends, and I love science. I do not fit well into the mainstream world; I want to go live on a self-sustainable green micro-community model… almost like a Kibbutz. I’m not anti-technology, I’m mostly just anti society-bullshit.

I’m looking for people to join up with; I’m willing to work smart and hard, though my preference is smart.

I’ve got a friend, and trying to put together a 5-man-band. He’s got a girlfriend who would be involved; but I am easily the most ready to pack up and move to where-ever to get this going. We’re cobbling together the planning necessary to get this going.

We’re a cerebral bunch, laid back and young in spirit. We want to do everything legal and above board with permits and what-have you to avoid legal complications in the future; again: this is our forever-home we’re trying to make.

We’ve got ideas to make small individual living spaces (5 to 7 rooms, each around 14 feet^2) out of composite material like cob or papercrete. We’ve got ideas for a circle-based ring system for the arrangement of things.

At some point soon, concept sketches of what we’re thinking of will go up.[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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