[before_listing images= youtube=null] I own a few tracts of land south of San Luis, Colorado. I am looking for person(s) who are interested in seriously going off grid and escaping this rat race we are living in. I have most of the necessities needed to begin the building phase of the community, but do need some help/assistance along the way.

I have all supplies for a small natural garden. I also have tons of tools, Solar equipment, material for a few wind turbines, and I have water rights but no wells yet. There is fresh water and thermal water. Also, There are no building codes.

There is tons of fishing and hunting available and a few clean natural springs until we get a well dug or use other means to collect. The river is only a few hundred feet from our land…

I am looking for open minded individuals with NO drama. I don’t really care if you drink/smoke, just keep your mind right and we will be ok. Any

You will be given your own section of property, but will be required to contribute in the means of labor/hunting/ or fishing.

Please know that I have done this with a few communities and it is a tough road for the first month or so BUT with food, water, & freedom who can go wrong??

if your ready and not needing weeks/months, send me a message and i will get back to you,

joseph gary80@ g ma il.com
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3 Responses to “Land Buddy(s) Needed ASAP”

  1. Erika

    Hi! My husband & I have been looking at off grid living in Co awhile now. We are already residents of Colorado but we are also from Texas, we just don’t have any family to speak of and don’t know many people here. This is not an adventure we wish to embark on alone but yet with others who share the same passion to live self sustained in the world that is ever changing and unstable. We do have 3 children we would un-school between the ages of 10 & 13, and have been married 17 years. My husband is a sup. at a wind tower company here and by trade is a welder, builder, & sheet metal guy. He loves gardening, fishing and working. I work from home now but have also done many things, I catch on very quick with desire to never fail. I have degrees in paralegal as well as nursing but chose not to continue either venue as I have a strong desire to raise my own children instead of letting a sitter do it. We don’t have a bunch of money, but I do feal like we would have plenty to bring to the table. Reply if you still need a land buddy.

  2. Los

    Still looking for candidates?

    I’m a former USAF Electrician, served a total of 8yrs. Born in Jan, 1986. I do a bit of my own home gardening. I’ve been a raw vegan for about 2(?) years now. My passion is all around self sustainment with a bit of knoweldge and books (survival, herbal, self sus.) on the subject. I’m quite skilled in many areas with room to learn for more. I’m more on the spiritual side. I sun gaze, walk barefoot on the earth as much as possible, meditate and have a few instruments that I have yet to master. I don’t drink alcohol, don’t smoke. I plan on making an herbal garden, for healing of course with (tea’s, oils, hygiene care, etc). I have a litle bit of cash saved and currently live in San Antonio, TX and am willing to travel. If I seem compatible or if you have any questions, feel free to send me an email any time.


  3. Frank Pons

    Hey, I will have some financing in Feb and I was considering doing the same thing in your very area “Near Alamosa” . I am unhappy with my life tied into the grid and I prefer a more off grid lifestyle which would allow people to save money and spend money on things that are important rather than things they do not need. 6 Years prior service Army Veteran who has worked many jobs in the past that require intelligence as well as physical labor. I am a stranger to neither. Reply if you still need a land buddy.