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This is a really interesting project, and pays expenses of GBP600 per month – US$1000 per month.  It could be done anywhere in the world. It is full-time and requires complete dedication to the project and considerable skills in writing, research and social media.

It is intended to lead to a permanent position at a proper rate of pay.

You will be helping me research and write the stories on and also promoting the site around the Internet. You will also help develop the content so it is of maximum usefulness to the readers – the nuts and bolts of how to go off the grid and stay off the grid, sourcing first-hand experiences, video material and photos as well as moderating the forum.

Subject range from Smart Grid data protection to anonymous phones to solar chargers. The details of managing your own power and water are only part of the focus. I am also looking at staying under the radar of the The System.

You will also be helping promote this web site and the documentary project at (needs to be updated).

Superb research skills and a total fluency wth all social media is a must, plus a true love of the subject matter and a guarantee that you will give this your total focus.

Start February 1st, or sooner.

Please email Nick Rosen –

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