Hi friends,

I am a 27 year old portuguese and after many years learning about the idea i am ready to take action and start living off grid. I have learned about permaculture, natural building, carpentry, self sufficiency and ecology and sustainability. Did many things in my short life, from designer, teacher, movie producer and production supervisor. I have great work ethics and take every project very serious.

I understand society and i see that they are going towards chaos, monetary system, educational system, food system, energy system are all connected by the same evils, big money and big corporation/banks that dominate our very lives.

I am also very interested in spirituality and philosophy and am a very charismatic person, i strongly believe i would be a great addition to any group that has the same ideal of living off the land and in spiritual balance.

Even if you are just starting i would love to get in touch and maybe see where things can go. 


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3 Responses to “Bright young man wanting to go off grid in Central/South America or Europe”

  1. Tatiana

    I have many of the same interests I moved to Panama I live in a beautiful rural area here with a perfect cool mountain climate. I am interested in moving further off the grid and learning. Please contact: tld444 at outlook dot com

  2. Melissa Mary

    Hello, Warm Welcome from New Zealand.

    My Family purchased a 550acre property in the heart of the Marlborough Sounds New Zealand in 2000. We run off our own micro hydro system, generating our own power, we plant/harvest our own gardens, have fresh drinking water, clean air, NZ Jungle, clear skies, fresh fishing and hunt for wild game….living close to nature only accessible by boat or small plane.

    We have a big place with plenty of room for those with skills to contribute, good natures and have a love for back 2 basics living.
    if this sounds like what you are looking for. Please get in touch via our website or email me at melissa@tira-ora-estate.com

  3. BobbyKorona

    From Bob in sunny Florida…..just wanted to say hi…hope you do well in your search…my wild fish farm is off grid in Flagler county…I find a lot of good building mineral every where , oversize pallets, windows and doors, glass, plastic pvc pipe…… would like to set up a wood gas reactor to run my generators , a local truss company pays $300 a month to have its scrap cutting removed to the land fill……take care… bob32175@aol.com