Hi friends,

I am a 27 year old portuguese and after many years learning about the idea i am ready to take action and start living off grid. I have learned about permaculture, natural building, carpentry, self sufficiency and ecology and sustainability. Did many things in my short life, from designer, teacher, movie producer and production supervisor. I have great work ethics and take every project very serious.

I understand society and i see that they are going towards chaos, monetary system, educational system, food system, energy system are all connected by the same evils, big money and big corporation/banks that dominate our very lives.

I am also very interested in spirituality and philosophy and am a very charismatic person, i strongly believe i would be a great addition to any group that has the same ideal of living off the land and in spiritual balance.

Even if you are just starting i would love to get in touch and maybe see where things can go. 


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