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Bosque Village is an experiment in developing a human culture which can live without destroying the earth. It is a permaculture farm and a growing intentional community.

Community Description:

The Bosque Village is located in a safe area in the highlands of Michoacan, Mexico near Patzcuaro. We are collecting independent and responsible people who lead a healthy active lifestyle to add to our growing group.
We are currently seeking new residents to be a part of our growing community! We are working towards a future where San Galileo is a small town.

Come visit and be part of our project!

The current options for living with us include:

1. Renting. We have cabañas and huts ready to rent for new residents. Ideally you are either retired or are able to telecommute. Our rental options are rustic but comfortable.

2. Developing your compatible business here.
You could use the Bosque space to do your yoga or meditation workshops. English teachers and Spanish teachers could offer their services. Leading retreats and providing guest services. Your could teach permaculture or ecobuilding courses. What vision do you have to create?

3. Buying land and building. We are designing shared buildings which will be fully independent. Units would be legally owned by individuals. Architectural and legal help needed. Most of the land is used for food forest farming. Our shared values include a commitment to staying off the grid with solar panels and rain collection.

4. Becoming a neighbor. There are properties and houses near the Bosque which are available for rent or purchase. This area is full of interesting people and is becoming a large community of environmentally-minded folks! Foreigners can legally own land in Mexico. (Except on the coast, but we are in the highlands.)

5. Long-term volunteering. Occasionally we have positions available for volunteers who can commit to one month or more. Optimal candidates have skills we need, have a self-motivated working attitude, and are driven to help the Bosque system succeed. Conversational Spanish is necessary. Send us a proposal, resume, and photo if you are interested.

The best way to get involved is to visit the Bosque as a long term guest to see how you like the area, the forest, and the people.
YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/bosquevillage/

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2 Responses to “Bosque Village:”

  1. Brian Fey

    That question is too broad.
    My advice would be to identify what parts of Mexico you are interested in and visit long enough to get to know the area.

    In this area land is quite cheap is it is off the grid. But price depends on too many factors to really say.

  2. Gilles Groulx

    Hi my wife and i are from Canada and we are sick of this lifestyle and wish to live off grid such as Mexico , Can you give me a rough idea how much it would cost to purchase a house or land . Thank you for your time .