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Yes that’s right now you can get blue jeans for your home. Okay so they’re recycled blue jeans made into insulation batting.

This insulation is made from the trimmings that are usually disposed of into landfills from manufactures. So not only are you making your home nice and cozy you are using material that would have been left to fill up a landfill. Also as it is a natural fiber insulation you need not worry about the negative health impact using this can have on you, your family, or even your insulators.

Cotton also is a great at absorbing sound so it not only insulates against weather but the noise of living near heavy traffic, airports, trains, etc. Making your home not only comfortable but quite as well. It can absorb up to 15% moisture also, which as long as there is a drying cycle it does not harm the insulation.

The R-value of this insulation is 3-4 per inch which is less then standard fiberglass, but that can be improved by adding layers. Also cotton is still more expensive then your standard fiberglass insulation. Though cotton has some detractors it is more common then wool or straw insulation so the ability to see it in action is also higher. Where with the wool and straw you may not have that ability.

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