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[before_listing images= youtube=null] We’ve started a local Meetup group in Bexar County/San Antonio in order to have a social venue to meet others who are interested in intentional community. So if you’re in the area, please signup and participate. You can find us here: http://www.meetup.com/Land-Buddies/

I’ve been working with others who share a similar vision. I’m interested in building a self-sufficient, permaculture based community. The goal would be to grow our own food, raise livestock, and create income generating businesses that support us. Ultimately, this would be a transition to a system that supports and works for us instead of us working for it.

Now for the reality… acquiring land takes money. While there are many that would like to join, I’m still looking for others who have the financial ability to join in purchasing land. So if you are a serious buyer who’s interested in such an arrangement, please contact me. I have identified suitable properties, but there aren’t enough buyers. If I can find up to six others who can handle $150,000+ financing, we can definitely acquire a good location.

You can reach me at landbuddy at excg . biz .
Thank you.[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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4 Responses to “Bexar Land Buddies unite!”

  1. DJ

    Have you bought the land & started?

  2. Clay

    Gonzales county is a good area, water is shallow, land is not to outrageous.

  3. Clay

    I would also like to make a place, and do what your talking about. I have skills, carpentry, concrete, welding, electrical, plumbing, some farming and ranching, engineering, hunting, fishing, survival, and have traveled the world. For now my home is with the local phone company. The 150k is not out of reach, but the group has to be right for me to be in…..

  4. nicole

    How many acres is this one million dollar investment? Does this include building costs or land purchase alone? Does this including fees regarding land purchase? Who pays attorney fees? Will we be completely self sufficient such as well water and no electric company (this would be preferred). How many is the community planning to fit? Can certain applicable skills be used as trade in anyway? Where are the locations at (West San Antonio preferred). How many investors are needed at this point? Please contact me via email.