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Zen – goes faster in cities

Here are some bikes to get you thinking you might mortgage your yurt – if it was possible to get a mortgage at all these days.

– Saracen Zen 1

‘650 |

A hardcore hardtail mountain bike for serious trail abuse. Punches so far above its mid-price weight that it fists thin air.

– Lapierre Spicy 916

‘3500 |

Look at it shine! Despite the 916’s bump-loving 160mm rear travel, it’s as capable racing up a hill as it is flying back down.

– Cannondale Vintage Ultra


‘1250 |

Modern tech plus kickstand, bell, light and leather saddle. A retro-futuro road warrior.

– Charge Team Duster

‘1000 (frame only) |

This titanium frame can be built up into a bike that can handle just about anything. Here it is in XC race-winning guise.

– Colnago Ferrari

US$15,500 |

This rebranded Colnago Extreme Power celebrates Ferrari’s 60th anniversary. It features more carbon than a pencil factory.

– Mercedes-Benz Folding Bike

‘tba (due October 08) |

Fits in the boot of a CLK but still has disc brakes, five gears and suspension.

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