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I just spent the day, actually the last two days, working on and working up to one of my favorite holidays, a holiday we celebrate in the USA during November, Thanksgiving. This is when we go out and buy an appropriately sized turkey, lots of trimmings to go with it, cook and eat with family and friends, getting as stuffed as that turkey was and feel happy. This is our 4th Thanksgiving living off grid, we moved out here in Dec ’07, we had spent the previous Thanksgiving with our family, saying goodbye and farewell.

Here is what our place looked like when we first moved here, it was one room, 16×16, 2 out of the 4 walls were only builder’s plastic and wire, we didn’t have a proper roof yet, just plywood and plastic, it was December, the temperature was 14 degrees F the night we arrived and we had no heat, it was great! Oh and did I mention the wind was blowing a gale…? We had no plumbing, no water at all, just what I carried up from our neighbor’s house, we did have power, lights, laptop and a radio.


This was a short time later, after PB had installed the wood burning stove and had proper walls all the way around.

This turkey day, we invited a good friend over, 3 of them actually, but one had a previous invite, and one didn’t feel well today, so it was just PB and I and one friend over, plus our little dog Zoe. We had lots of good food and chatter. One of the things I have lacked since we moved here was proper seating for anyone besides PB and myself, so PB worked his Bobbage magic and made a couch from scratch, I had been wanting one but wasn’t willing to spend the $$$ on one, not to mention the problem of getting it up the hill and into the sky castle, so he just built one, right on site, it actually looks and feels pretty good. So we had a proper place for our guest to sit. I’ll post some pix of it in an up coming article.

One of the traditions of Thanksgiving is to remember and realize what we are thankful for, for me it’s easy, I am getting to live my dream, I am living in a wonderful place, mostly on my own terms, with lots of good friends around and a great man to take care of me. I have a great dog too. :)

I hope that the readers in the USA had a great Thanksgiving, now it’s time to look toward Christmas and all that goes with that.

This is how the sky castle looks now, I certainly have a lot to be thankful for. :)

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2 Responses to “Being thankful”

  1. katlupe

    It sounds like you had a wonderful, off-the-grid Thanksgiving. We did also.