[before_listing images= youtube=null] I have never lived off the grid and I wouldn’t know what to do if I tried. I need someone to show me and teach me how.[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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6 Responses to “Beginner”

  1. Nicolas Jimenez

    Im 17 years old and just realized a few days ago that getting an apartment or buying a house now a days is possible but if you loose your job your screwed ! Me and my mom have already made the decision to move into a park trailer, its a 2013 model and its probably nicer then any 1 bedroom apartment in CA. Its a 5 year loan for $666.00 a month. I already saved up all my baby sitting money and bought an acre of land from a farmer. I didnt really buy it but I did. Meaning I just have him the money and he just said theres your acre of land. I don’t have to pay taxes on it either since its still considered his property. I will pay off te rv in 5 years like I said then after that im clear out of debt. I cannot wait till im 19 1/2 – 20 so I can get the rv ! Once I pay it off I don’t have to work about rent money,electrical bill or water bill ! Ill have solar panels and a water well. Then if I loose my job no big deal we own out “home” and we get electricity and water for free. Ill have enough stuff stocked up like soap,deoderent, tooth paste and other essentials to last 6 months – a year. Everyone should do this. Your guarnteed to never ever be homeless.

  2. Brandon L

    Hi. Names Brandon. I’m ready to move off grid like this weekend. If any communities or people off grid need help. Or wouldn’t mind have another person join the group. I’ll work very hard get along with everyone. Just want to live on free land with no bill collectors living paycheck to paycheck. Please help. Me and my cat Big Boy want off the grid. Thank you.

  3. Nathaniel vasquez

    Hello my name is Nathaniel but call me Nathan or Nate for short I am 18 years old and I love agriculture love it !! I want to live off grid in the tropics any where it does not freeze so I can plant my tropical fruit trees like mango papya avacodo jackfruit peaches citris bananas ect of many varities and grow vegies all year long and raise chickens and have a dog yepp that’s my dream life right there nothin more I am willing to bust my but to work on any one’s land I am sick and tired of living in society always have to work always have to live under someones roof not able to garden not able to have a companion so wtf is there to life then someone please help will work for free if offered a little tropic land to stay on and call home please call me at 352 286 4200 or email Nathanielvasquez28@yahoo.com please help will work want to live off grid tired of society want my freedom.

  4. Community Valley

    We would be glad to help you. We are off the grid and enjoy every day of it.
    its not a easy life, but rewarding. We still go on with our normal life. Your welcome to check it out.

  5. nate

    How about I give you some advice since you want to try living off grid. I’ve been there and it is quite a challenge. The only off grid living I have is the fact that I have been homeless a few times. With this experience I believe I can give some insights into it.

    When it comes to being homeless you are completely off any grid what so ever. That means financial, power, internet, and most of all food and water. You have to figure out how you are really going to live and survive at that point. This does translate into valid experience to have your own off grid property or life style if you can afford it.

    When you go “off grid” you need to take into account what you can and cannot live with and without. It’s as simple as that. Are you just looking for shelter, food and water? Well that’s pretty damn easy. Become a hermit and you can accomplish that.

    Say you need internet access like I do in order to work and research. You cannot become completely off grid. Sure I can generate my own electricity and what ever food I need but I’m not fully off grid and that limits the amount of areas I can do something in.

    What you really need to do is decide what you are truly going after in your life to make you happy. What you want to see future generations around you try to accomplish to benefit the community and the world around them. From there you can lead by example.