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This morning I awoke more refreshed than I have been in a while, the reason is the bed, our bed had been just a mattress laying on the floor, it was comfortable enough, but being directly on the floor, it was cold, we kept 6-7 layers of blankets on top, but the cold seeped in from the bottom and stole our heat, I would wake up aching from being cold. Last night Bob took some of the lumber he got from town and make a frame for the bed, it’s not fancy, but it does lift the bed off the floor by several feet, so now we can store things under the bed. It made a lot of difference in the amount of room we have available. When we went to bed last night, the temp in the room was around 40, but the bed was toasty warm.

Bob went to town with our friend the local builder, he is helping him with a project, it will take about a month to complete, this is the first time I will be by myself all day (with the exception of the dental visits), I must admit that I appreciate my “me time”, don’t get me wrong, I love Bob with all of my heart, but something we both appreciate is the value of private time, and in our little cabin, it’s hard to have any privacy.

I took a leisurely “bath”, well as much as a bath as one can take without a tub, I took a pan of warm water, a wash cloth and a bar of soap and cleaned from top to bottom, I shampooed my hair too, that felt good, I ran around with rollers in my hair until it dried, that doesn’t take long with the warm temperature and low humidity. I used my Avon skin care products on my face, something that I don’t always do every day. I put on clean clothes, then did the dishes. It’s so nice to be able to wash myself and the dishes in hot water.

I started something, maybe something good, maybe something not so good, we have honey bees in abundance around here, they fly in the house and that’s OK, they don’t bother anything or anyone, they just buzz around looking for something good to eat. They fly in the front door, and mainly check out the sink area, if I have anything they might like, I try to make it easy for them to get it. Today, I made up a sugar solution in a plastic lid and placed it down for them, one bee found it, sucked up as much as she could hold, then flew out the window, about 20 minutes later, I have 2 bees buzzing around, they both found the sugar solution, and a while later my cabin was a buzz with bees. Right now, there are about 5 bees buzzing around the front door, they will make their way over to the table where the sugar solution is sitting, I hope they don’t tell too many of their other sisters about this sugar bonanza. :) Before I had my sink & water set up, and I had to do dishes outside, they used to buzz around me the instant I came out with the dirty dishes, it was a race between me cleaning and the bees eating, they were fast too, they figured out I had something good before I got out the door most of the time! :) I didn’t really mind, they are docile enough. As I watch this latest bee drinking the sugar solution, I wonder where their nest is, it must be close, I don’t know what the range of a honey bee is, but I don’t think they go very far, it’s possible that someone around here is a bee keeper, or they might just have a wild nest, I would like to know… mmmmm fresh, wild honey…

The wind is picking up, it has been fairly calm the last 2-3 days, it’s still nice outside, the temp right now (it’s 2:20 pm) is 70 degrees F, the sky is getting cloudy, high thin clouds, last I heard, it’s supposed to possibly rain tomorrow and/or Wednesday. I sort of hope we get some rain, even if it messes up some of our stuff outside, it’s so pretty after a rain, and all the plants appreciate it too.

Oh, for the record, it’s bad to invite a single bee to lunch, she invites all of her friends, I had about a dozen bees buzzing around inside my cabin, I removed the snack and about an hour later, I was down to one or two bees. a much more manageable quantity… I still want to know where their hive is located. :)


Blogger Dragon said…

Your bee’s aren’t far off…yahoo has a organic bee keeper group if your interested. Dragon

February 15, 2008 8:41 PM


Blogger Wretha said…
Thanks Dragon, my hubby says he knows where they are, and they aren’t too far at all. We have a deer carcass not too far from our cabin and today I found it full of bees, I was going to pour lime on it or something like that, it smells terrible and it’s upwind from our cabin, when I saw the bees, I changed my mind, don’t really want to disturb the natural way of things, hopefully in a few more days, the scavengers will take care it for me. :)


February 15, 2008 9:04 PM


Blogger Dragon said…

if you start a few top bar hives bee’s could add to your income some.
sounds like your Hubby is handy enuff to construct them.
Honey prices are way up due to the colony collapse disorder.
search for bush’s bee’s for more info if interested.
I wish Ya’ll luck out there. Dragon

February 16, 2008 9:52 AM

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