[before_listing images= youtube=null] This is for people who are ready to leave everything behind and look for a new beginning. I am not off grid, but im constantly searching for people who are off grid or who want to be. If anyone wants to take the big step please let me know so we can plan about the time & location.

I am not skilled in living off grid but im very much willing to learn. vinesh.praveen@gmail.com[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]


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5 Responses to “be in touch”

  1. Lisa

    Our family will be making the move very soon we have a few like minded people joining in with us and looking for more. We will be creating a community to be totally self sustaining. We need hard workers who want to have fun as well. We are looking people for with different skill sets, working with metal, leather, solar, wind, farming just to name a few. We want to teach & share these skills. Spring is almost here and a lot to do before winter sets in again. If you are interested please contact us at gac.eefc@gmail.com

  2. Greg

    We’re planning to start our community late spring 2hours from new york city If you’re interested. We’re an art collective wanting to go off grid with a permaculture state of mind

  3. Bronson

    im looking to go off grid myself. would love to make contact with u