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We have a 16 acres land with over 800 feet of private white sand beaches and lagoons. Our lots are located in a private island of the Bahamas which has also a private 3000 meters airstrip for Jet and small aircraft landings.

We would like to either open a Eco-Resort (The first above-water bungalows in our 2 lagoons like in Bora Bora), and/or if we do not find an investor or a partner, we will build private creole style homes for resale (1500 Square feet max).

We have the best well-water of the Berry islands, so no problem for water, but we do not have access to electricity, so we need to get a off grid system (Solar & Wind) to power our project. We will be 100% sustainable, as per the power (Solar and/or Wind), water with well-water osmosis filtration system, organic farming on site, sun compost toilet systems, water recuperation, etc.

If you are interested in knowing more about it or you want to be part of the construction of this site, bringing your knowledge and help, please email us, we would be glad to speak with you:

EMAIL: patrick@email.com
Phone: 407 915 4598 (FL, USA)

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  1. Ivy and Mike

    We are interested in doing just that! Mike is a commercial pilot and I am an RN. Mike is also an accomplished diver, welder, basically McGiver…
    I am also handy with tools and have been a director of health organizations. We currently live in a floating home and are avid boaters. Our goal is to live on a Catamaran using our skills. We are only waiting for an opportunity and to sell our house/boats etc but can lease it if the right opportunity comes along. Mike does electrical work and very interested in solar and wind power. Please let us know if we could in any way fit into your dream. Ivy and Mike