I’m a 35 yo french woman who, as a product of our society/system, has lived most of the experiences that this “modern life” has to offer, and finally never felt more joy than when I was away from it, in nature.

I am single now, with 2 small dogs, no children, working full-time in the city as a medical assistant, loving my job, renting a nice apartment, but willing and ready to start over and live “for real”.

I’m ready to live anywhere in Europe, USA or Canada, as long as it is blessed with the four seasons (snow in winter !) and forests. 

Maybe it’s my Zodiac Sign ;), but as a Cancer and after my experiences, I believe in traditional values. Therefore I’m looking for my future husband to share this journey, not just a “partner”. I want a clear direction, I want security, I want things to be built in the rock, motivated by a decision not just the feeling of the moment, that’s why I’m talking right away about marriage even if it does not have to happen right away. I’m not desperate for a relationship and can actually live single for life, but what I’m saying is that if I have to be in a relationship it has to be marriage material or nothing at all. And I actually won’t have sex before marriage anyway.

“Love is not looking at each other it’s looking together in the same direction”.

We could have children if children “find their way” ! I want a simple life, but a beautiful life.  I want to live in a beautiful natural place, in a beautiful home (no need to be big), that’s of the biggest importance to me as my well-being directly depends on my environment.

I’ll be the interior designer, cook, cleaner, nurturer and help with some of the tasks of the “farm”, while you’d do the physical hard work, be the protector, the leader.  We’ll be complementary, not “the same”, we’ll have our own roles/tasks even if we have to help each other in case of necessity. I think that’s very important to have our own tasks like this, in order to find our own place/value in the world, to keep mutual attraction and just have things done !

We would spend tons of time in nature, together or even alone as alone time is crucial to me, and not really with other people(just time to time) as I’m an introvert and want to make my life with my husband and potential future children, not anyone else, since I’m easily overwhelmed with people around. So if you’re an extrovert that won’t match.

We don’t have to be perfect, appear to be overachiever, prove anything to anyone, not even ourselves. We just want to do what has to be done to sustain our needs, live our life like it’s a piece of true Art, connected to the essence of life, and be happy/fulfilled in a relaxing environment. The rest is irrelevant.

My husband has to be strong, that means he has to admit to himself and eventually to me that/when he’s scared, to be able to transcend it instead of falling into cowardice. I don’t accept lies. Lies have no place in an authentic relationship, in an authentic life. Ego has no place in there either.

Taking a wife and eventually a family in charge (even if we’re a team anyway) has to galvanize you, give you a direction, make you feel proud to be a man, not feel completely scared, stressed out, or worse : taken advantage of. Sharing love, tenderness, intimacy on a very regular basis is a given. If you don’t like that that much (and I know you are many, past the first few months of honeymoon to not like that that much !), please don’t reply to my message. Love is a muscle it has to be trained everyday ! 

Finally, I’m a tall (5.11), currently plus-sized (it changes drastically depending on my lifestyle of the moment), mixed woman with brown skin, fine features and dark curly hair. I laugh a lot and I’m very spontaneous, but also described by others as soft and sweet, great listener and secretive. My hobbies are reading, researching on internet, writing, walking into nature, bathing into lakes/rivers, taking care of pets.

I’m open to any man having the character that I described, aged between 20 and 55 yo, strong and sweet, ready to love, ready to build, not perfect but doing absolutely his best to be a good person to himself and the one he loves and lives with. Shy/reserved men are most welcome <3.  I can be attracted to many different types of men (young, old, short, tall, skinny, athletic, fat…) so physical appearance is not really important to me as long as I’m sensitive to his charm. He has to already have the place and/or all the resources to start this beautiful simple meaningful life, in the respect of our true natures :). 


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3 Responses to “Back to the traditional life”

  1. Jason Carter

    God I pray your still there and waiting for me! I am totally absolved and completely enamored by your post! You are too good to be true! I hope you are there! That you really exist, ! Please if you are free still contact me! 4057599461! I’m here setting on ready waiting for my lifetime best friend!

  2. Jason Carter

    God I pray your still there and waiting for me! I am totally absolved and completely enamored by your post! You are too good to be true! I hope you are there! That you really exist, ! Please if you are free still contact me! 4057599461! I’m here setting on ready waiting for my bride to be!

  3. Alic-Krabtree

    I have not read a women express how things should be, my mind works fast and not to mention being emphatic. I care, im 45 an that is all i have needed all my life. I have taken care of women and their children as to build a future and because of the gouim that has been created by the system. All I need is my woman some one that shares the same ideas of life and building the creative force of love. I am very capable and love work. I have worked so hard for people in caring for them.I need my word to be for myself now, I would like some one but.. Please even if just to chat, im look for where to make my homestead.