[before_listing id=474 images= youtube=null] I am trying to learn everything I can about living off the grid. I want to DIY the build and I hope I can build a model farm that other people can base their systems off of some day.

I want to set an example for others that people can afford to use solar and wind technology to live off grid and stop wasting other resources and polluting the earth and they can live very comfortably. I would like to have a large garden, raise sheep and horses, possibly have a small vineyard and am interested in bee-keeping for my farm.

The hardest part will be the financing of land and building materials. I am interested in learning to build and maintain my own solar and wind energy and how to manage water supplies. I currently live in Iowa and I think that this is where I want to stay, but that is something that can change bc I love to travel and explore this beautiful world. I hope I can find like-minded people who can help me learn.[landbuddy_listing id=474 youtube=null]

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6 Responses to “Artista8”

  1. Scotty Beameup

    My daughter lives in Winterset. I would love to go off grid there, but ya need 2 people to want that. Oh well. Anyway, I would love to help in just about any way. If I could help you (us, etc.) then we could pool our knowledge to get you moving along. I’d love to be a part of it! I’ve got tons of time to help in different ways. Lemme know. scott dot browne27 @yahoo

  2. Jeremiah Juhl

    I currently live in Fontanelle and have a very strong interest in sustainable, off grid living. I’m tired of the consumer driven slavery that is modern day life. I’ve been considering building a website and starting a fund mainly for the purpose of purchasing land, organizing and creating a community to take on such a project.
    I see it has been a while since anybody posted here, but if you still check in please contact me at truejuhl@mail.com with your thoughts.

  3. Inthiscage

    Get in touch with me, I’m in MN, let me know how your search is going. Tyler.mail_box@yahoo.com

  4. Baja

    I am interested in the Winterset area as a potential site for OTG construction. Any info you can provide that might be helpful would be most appreciated. I would be happy to reciprocate however I might.

  5. Psi

    We’re working on it.

  6. breck2

    my daughter lives in norwalk. my wife and i are on the same page to trying to figure it all out. you can email me at breck dot 2 at hotmail.com if you would like to consider working together on it