Hi all i am an artist. Also i am someone who cares a great deal about the earth and everything that lives here. i believe that the greatest thing each of us can do is to live healthily by taking responsibility for ourselves.  My family consists of my wife to be and our two dogs that we rescued. We are living in a toxic town that profits off the slaughter of thousands of creatures everyday for the consumption of our society and i can feel and see the direct impact it has on the people of this city. It is sad. We need to get out… Luckily we have a vision and a plan to help people out of the lifestyle that is hindering people from reaching their potential, and this is achieved through first living healthily by example. Now we have been researching and planning our plunge into the wilderness for over 2 years now as a couple and personally i have lived off-grid for over a year and have experience in building with natural material as well as several other skills i have acquired that make me feel our chance of success is more assured.

So let me tell you a little about our plan and what we are looking for. Firstly we are looking for land. We don’t have a specific location which is kind of challenging but we feel we could make just about anywhere work as long as there were certain parameters that are met. These include a minimum of around 10 acre this size is based on what we would like to do on our land so it varies slightly with topography but ideally we would have a parcel around 40 acres but again not the size that really matters to us as long as we have a water source of some sort preferably a cold spring from a mountain but the land i lived off grid on was high desert so i can make whatever work. We will be having several animals living with us. a small herd of goats&/sheep, a couple horses our dogs and a few others perhaps as we both have experience in dealing with them.

As far as our home we plan on building a self sustained house natural building (cob/bale hybrid) with solar and perpetual free energy as our primary source of electricity and incorporating indoor greenhouses to maximize water usage and filtration by harvesting rainwater via living roof as well as other systems including grey and black water systems.

Now i mention all this not because i think this is some grand new idea that needs to be adopted but i come to you humbly asking everyone to consider a very old time tried way of life that encourages creativity and prosperity while also giving back to the planet. The land is our biggest challenge right now so that is why i am putting this out there to anyone who might be able to help us… my body is only 26  but i’m told i am an old soul. The work doesn’t scare me. i have the motivation for that.  We are doing this so as to document our journey to help others along there own paths.  Also any advice you feel would help us PLEASE!!!!! Well that was our brief story if i need more details or something let me know. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR TIME AND THOUGHTS!!! ~~~ Steve

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3 Responses to “Artist looking to create a home that helps heal the planet and her inhabitants!”

  1. Zachary

    I have a very similar idea. Up in Maine I’ve found good land. Up to 100 acres. I was planning on using art to shape a forest. (Arborsculpture. …tree Weaving)

    i have a whole lot to talk about in this situation. But to be short, we’ll talk on email. Message me here—-Forgottencall@gmail.com

  2. Sandra

    My boyfriend has some land in Whitehall NY that he has been trying to sell for some time. There is a cabin there already that is unfinished. Meaning there is no insulation and unfortunately at the moment no running water. There is electricity but can easily have solar panels installed. It’s about 150 acres, mostly wooded but there is a large section that is cleared off. I would love to be able to fix it up and make it liveable but unfortunately he’s not the type to put in that kind of work. I’m more of an off the grid person that he is I guess. please email me if you are interested.

  3. J. Bever

    Lots of people do this. This is the way life was up until about the 1940’s. We have been living off grid simply but very nicely since 1996. See our farm highland hills farm on U tube. We have raised all sorts of animals. Rescued too many to remember. We produce maple syrup from our sugar bush. Cook and heat with wood have raised bed gateds and a grape arbor. We did all this ourselves. Logged sustainably and milled the logs right here. Solar and wind. Lots of Amish here now so everyone helps each other out. Our 32 acres is up for sale due to poor health . Hoping for a young couple who want to appreciate this lifestyle and make it their home. Move in ready and equipment available. Priced to sell. See my article in Countryside magazine May/June issue