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Police moved in on Runnymede Eco-village friday night to prevent a 3 day “Alternative Magna Carta Festival.”

The Historic site, where the Magna Carta was signed 800 years ago, has become a symbol of the fight for real environmentalism and democracy.

The events were covered by our documentary crew which will be releasing a film after the event. Call or text with news to +44 7768 507693.

Citing Section 63 Anti-Rave laws, cops from 4 forces barricaded the three remaining entrances to the 40-strong eco-community.

But the Rave, in a separate field to the rival Magna Carta festival was set up by another group which invaded the site earlier this week.

“We think they might even be police, acting as agent provocateurs” said Vinnie, one of the longest standing residents and main organisers of the Eco-camp.

Vinnie is one of the lead characters in our documentary – you can see the trailer here

The National Trust, acting on police advice, had already financed a 6 foot security fence around the entire site prior to the festival launch tonight (friday).

The fence, built by private contractors to ensure HM the Queen (and possibly President Obama) can freely celebrate our freedom under the law (yeah right), was erected in the runup to the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta this Monday 15th June.

HM The Queen and 5000 dignitaries will be there on Monday – although Queen Elisabeth has to leave early as it is the monthly lunch for members of the Order of the Garter – which apparently comes slightly above the Magna Carta in the hierarchy (geddit?).

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