Our family is purchasing 19 acres in the Prescott area and want to create an off-grid community where the land and resources can be fully utilized by like-minded people. We have searched for such a community but cannot find one, so we’re going to create it ourselves. We would welcome other individuals or families who can contribute to starting a small farm, building structures, and sharing skills in a cooperative spirit in exchange for fractional ownership in the land and shared infrastructure (well, solar, etc.).

Please contact us if you are in the Prescott area and have an interest in such a venture. We are not interested in religious affiliations, just cooperative homesteading with a desire to become group-sufficient.

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37 Responses to “Arizona Off-Grid Community”

  1. Jim

    I know this is an old ad but, we are interested!

  2. Caitlin Olshefski

    Hello, if this opportunity still exists please contact us! My husband and our son are looking to buy land and live off the grid but we would much rather live in a community. We would love to help invest in solar energy and contribute in any other way possible. caitlinballen@gmail.com

  3. Kelly Kennedy

    Is this still going on? Very interested. Please contact me if it is.

  4. Sabrina

    Hi this is a great idea. I would love to live off the grid. Please let me know how to get in contact with you.

  5. christina

    family of four intrested we have our own rv and set of skills. Construction premaculture agriculture plumbing etc

  6. Jimmy

    Hi I’m interested in this community. I’m a 27 year old male currently living in Phoenix, AZ. I’m a hard worker, no felonies, so if this offer is still available, I would love to speak more with you guys.

  7. Dan Dorame

    If like to be apart of the community, please email me when possible thanks

  8. Treay

    Hi, I am very interested in helping your dream of living off the grid. Please contact me at treay1313@hotmail.com. I have no felonies or running from the law, ypu can do bacjgrpunds checks and everything. I work in Corp America in CA. I was bored and raised in AZ and would like to return away from the city, being self reliant. I am young at 42, healthy, etc. Hard worker and love working out doors. I can’t due the cubicle thing anymore.

  9. Martin Germain

    Contact me please.

  10. Martin Germain

    I am very interested and have tons of construction and heavy equipment operator experience. Also very like minded and would love this opportunity. frenchknight1@gmail.com/ 928-715-7748.

  11. JamesN

    Please shoot me an E mail if there is still space available. I may be late as I have just found this site, but still have hope. I am interested…hope to hear back. Thank you..

  12. Matthew

    Very interested me and fiance would love to join community if possible. Me welder fabricator industrial combustion equipment brick block plumbing electrical all round construction work. Her plants gardening very well knowledge growing planting vegetables fruits ect. Very creative and always constructing something. Please contact 6233416518

  13. Martin Germain

    I’m Martin, I’m 56 and have many skills in construction and equipment operations. My son left the nest two years ago and I been having a hard time finding my place in life. Purpose also. A workhorse and responsible. Easy going no drugs or alcohol or even cigarettes. I’m in great shape and very active. Please consider me. 1-928-715-7748.

  14. Martin Germain

    Hello I’m Martin, I’m 56 military. Corp of engineers for 6 years. Have been in construction and building materials most my life. I’m easy going and responsible. I’m semi retired also a pension from the va. I’m not rich but not poor either. I have had this dream of moving off grid for years. I’m tired of the rat race and am ready to be free. Can you help me to help us.

  15. Martin Germain

    Hello I’m Martin, I’m 56 military. Corp of engineers for 6 years. Have been in construction and building materials most my life. I’m easy going and responsible. I’m semi retired also a pension from the va. I’m not rich but not poor either. I have had this dream of moving off grid for years. I’m tired of the rat race and am ready to be free. Can you help me to help us. 19287157748 just in case. Thank you.

  16. John Newman

    Is there anywhere to get more information on this? My wife and I are interested in learning about you and what you do. Any chance we could pop in and see your community?

    • David K

      If you are still interested, we are putting together a place in Apache county AZ. Go to DavidKane.org to find out more information

      • K Kinder

        I live in Navajo county. Can you tell me more about the place you’re putting together?

  17. Karrisa

    I am very interested in coming to live off grid and help start your community! Please send an email as I have tons of questions for you and would like to talk to you personally about my current living situation and I would love to help you out. I have lots of helping hands! 😊

  18. Mike n Juno

    I’m leaving Ohio with my pup Juno. Where do we go to join you. I have lots of construction experience, mainly electrical.

  19. Patrick-Christian:Hansen

    Would love to connect with you, I have been looking to Live in an intentional Community and am creating a list of my own of places that i can visit to chek out. Have you ever heard of Twin Oaks in Virginia?

  20. Lyndsey Gibson

    All I want is to live off the land. I want to show my daughters that, that would be living. Living in modern society is “surviving” I want to experience the true beauty of nature and what it has to offer us all. As humans, we are built to know how to “survive” If the world were to take a drastic turn. Why wait till then? I am very thankful of mother Earth. I really want too just take off and start living a new way of life. I have a lot to learn, I also have a lot to offer. It will take a village to spread the word. I want to inspire others in my same situation and motivate them to get up, take action, make a change! If there is any hope for me, please, help me fulfill my dreams in living off the land and expierence things and live the life I know I’m capable of living.

  21. Shirley

    Would like an update and info

  22. Divina Flamingarrow

    I moved to Arizona with a desire to Live off grid and next to Mother Earth. I read all about Earthship and straw bale construction. My spiritual nature is such that we are to follow nature’s way and align with the 10 Da’s , Heaven’s Qualities. The purpose of life is to serve, so we all become healthier and happier in Love Peace and Harmony. I am 55+ and healthy. I would like to learn more about your plans and visions there in Prescott. I loved living there but I could not find work that would support me in the structured traditional way. I hope to gain the wisdom of living well and in harmony with Mother Earth so I can share it with those who no longer find the conventional way doable. Love Peace and Harmony. Divina Flamingarrow

  23. Megan King

    Please email me about the off grid living community. My husband and I are interested! mamma072809@yahoo.com

  24. H.T.

    Hi, I know this is an old post but I was just looking into buying some land in the Prescott area and doing what you are talking about doing with an off grid community. Was just wondering how it was going and if you were able to get some other like minded people interested?

    Hope you’re living your dream and that all has gone well for you and your family.


  25. Yuki

    Hi! i am a college student at embry riddle!
    I am looking for a place to stay for the summer as i would like to live with no power of money. but only the power of love and community,
    Have you guys actually created such a wonderful place? and is it possible to come right now?

  26. Tabatha

    I would love to get more information on this. I would love to live in your community off grid, I’ve been planning to do it with a few friends

  27. Consciousmomma09

    Hello and namaste! My fiance(24 Andrew) is a welder, fabricator, can build with wood, and fix just about anything. i mean anything he is very inventive I(23 Jordyn) can garden, cook( We are vegan) , educate littles, anything really that needs to be done. I can educate myself very efficiently. And our 7 month old Ellieana can sit and be cute while i garden. we dont want to be off grid, we need to be off grid but close enough ellie can see her family. Contact me as soon as possible. We would love to get some plans into work.

  28. Wendy

    Sounds great!!!
    If that wonderful arrangement works out and you need MORE land, we have a beautiful 110 acre “off the grid” property up the road from Prescott in Seligman, AZ for sale. You can view it at our website:
    It includes pictures of the custom built cabin, RV barn, garage (ready for a bunk house conversion), etc….
    Thanks! Wendy

  29. Shelbelle12

    Please email me sdubrava12@gmail.com… We are in the area and rady to help….

  30. Donald Vinicombe

    It’s about time Arizona had an off the grid community. I hope it’s going well and your community is thriving. My family and I would love to join your cause. If the offer still stands please email me the the details.

  31. Ann

    My father is 73, and we need to know how to change where we live and reduce or ‘escape’ the greedy rental market here in Las Vegas, NV. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Our lease ends in Feb, 2017.

  32. Daniel cutright

    Hi if the offer is still available I can offer many services to become self community (Jack of all trades)

  33. Belle

    Is the offer to come live on your off the grid property still available????

  34. Charles Pridemore

    My wife and I are thinking of coming to AZ. We have skills in small livestock and homestead living skills. Please contact me with your plans and goals. I have limited typing and computer skill so soon contact will have to be by phone#. You may provide or I will {via private email}

  35. Eric ORourke

    I’ve lived in prescott for 17 years. I am an avid supporter of living cheaply. I am about to loose my house do to a divorce, and would welcome a chance to explore your venture. I am an electronics engineer and extremely mechanically inclined I can fix almost anything. I have been exploring the off grid lifestyle for years. I have been a voulentier at habitat for humanity and prescott college (teaching students how to fix their bikes. I would be a strong asset to your venture. Look me up and we can talk at length where you can find out more about me. I am profiichant at plumbing, building, wiring/electrical, carpentry, Auto repair, farming, and creative thinking thus allowing me to be a great problem solver. I can food,and never call for technical help in any venture I have under taken. My work results bring compliments by professionals that have reviewed my projects. I will await your response, Dont miss out on this terrably gifted (bad speller) human being who has a lot to give to a venture like yours!!!