Looking to share or sell to(if you prefer) land with a few good people. As many as 50 acres high in the foothills of the ancient appellation mountains.

What is good?

Non-imposing, hard-working, giving more than taking, quiet, no addictions(cigarettes, alcohol, hard drugs,…), super-handy, carpentry skills, resilient, holistic, mindful, no major disorders. In other words, in good health.

What is acceptable?

Ability to learn, work hard, compensate others for work you cannot do yourself,..

What is unacceptable?

If you need/expect others to do anything for you for free,

If you expect to get rides all the time,

If you have no skills, ways to earn a living, have issues, drama

& baggage that you would like to involve others in with.

If you are unsure whether you are physically, mentally, spiritually or financially ready to exchange your current life for a simpler life.

If you have dependents but have no real way of providing for them.

What is ideal?

If you are able to work from home. I mean really work from home, not think that should be possible.

If you have resources to pay for building material, labour, off- grid assembly, invest in a more co-operative endeavours such as an aquaponics, rec-centre, barn & a few animals,..

If you have a very reliable vehicle. Preferably a new/er AWD SUV or truck,

We require police check.

You can find more information & pictures on our website;


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3 Responses to “Are you ready?”

  1. Aantazy

    My name is Aantazy!!! Sounds amazing we are in California right now! This would be a big move !!! Can not get on your web site please help
    Thank you

  2. Shadow

    Looking for people near roaring springs pa to homstead with lmk if you can come get me

  3. Juno

    Hi there,
    Where in the Appalachian mountains are you? My partner and I live in Asheville. We are both counselors and work from home. I also make jewelry and sell online so we need internet and phone connection. Please email us with details! Thank you!